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Published Date: Wednesday 8 April 2020 - 20:05:56

Human Rights in Mahdaviat Discourse

Human Rights in Mahdaviat Discourse
IRAN  - Mahdaviat Discourse Theory is, in effect, a strong response to numerous questions twirling around in the mankind's unsettled mind about his future. History bears witness to the fact that mankind has passed by his old days, will pass by his present, and the future is the major concern in his mind.

Who will determine the future of mankind? What will be the destiny of societies, nations and civilizations in the future? Will they bring destruction to each other? Will a power, nation or civilization overcome the others and subjugate them all? Who will be the conquering civilization? Will life in future consist of peaceful co-existence? Where will the mankind end up with the rapid progress of science, technology, modernism, and post-modernism? These are questions that bring the mankind, in his pinnacle of welfare, to the tomorrow's deadlock.

This concern resulted in formulation of theories and discourses each of which enslaved the man for many years.

Proposing a five-stage plan with the final socialism period, Karl Marx theory of communism envisaged the prosperity of the man and promised him a prosperous future.

Liberal-democratic theory of Francis Fokuyama defined the historical station of the man which will eventually fulfill the desires of the man in western liberal-democratic system.

Through his thesis of clashes of civilizations, Samuel Huntington has tried to masquerade the same liberal democratic theory of the west as the victorious theory under the title of peaceful coexistence of civilization.

Elvin Toffler's The Third Wave Theory of post-industrial society claimed the emancipation of the masses from the deadlock of war, poverty, destruction of the environment and devastation of family.

Theory of religions pertaining to emergence of a savior who will emancipate humans from the existing conditions means that the savior himself has to be the core and center of focus.

Islam, as the last divine religion, and Shia theory, i.e. Mahdaviat discourse, is the subject of this paper.

Amid the all-inflicting hardships and disasters affecting all human beings regardless of geographical boundaries, political and ruling theories, which [of the above] has protected the fundamental human rights and kept the fear away from the mankind? Which of these theories have fulfilled experiences in near or distant future?

What is proposed under the title of Mahdaviat is not an unexperienced claim, rather it refers to an important theory in government and all aspects of the life of the mankind, an evolved method of Alavi government in major principles and fundamental rights for all human beings, such as serving the justice and equality throughout the world, ruling of safety, public peace, economic flourishment, administration and execution of divine orders, scientific thriving, generation of wisdom, evolution of human mind, and ruling of the suppressed and theists over the earth, a different Shia theory and a plan for organization of the entire world.

The most striking feature of the holy global government of Vali-e Asr is administration of justice which have been subject of several hadiths, and this is a testimony to its significance in the Islamic utopia in the emergence period.

The man faced the inadequacies of the beguiling claims made by western liberal-democratic human rights.

Justice was the victim of the right of veto, and fundamental rights such as health, living, access to information and scientific communications are violated under the pretext of sanctions.

Legal and support conventions, the right of enjoying minimum social welfare, the right of having a just judicial system, economic justice, the right of understanding and adopting true values all have been violated in the shadow of modern dictatorship and atheist and liberal traditions.

The significance of the concept of justice in the Islamic utopia and Mahdaviat is the guarantee for realization of fundamental human rights.

Justice and fairness in Mahdaviat discourse, according to traditions, penetrates the homes of people like heat and cold, and creates a sense of peacefulness in their hearts.

In the light of such justice, no human being shall remain enslaved, and the humans shall regain the rights they have been robbed of.

And this cannot be fulfilled unless the individual who is in charge of the system be at the focus of attention as the most important factor, the individual who is called justice.

The uprising of Imam Mahdi, the turning point and a tremendous historic shock, will be against global hegemony and oppressors with the purpose of helping the oppressed regain not only the opportunity to breathe again but also his power to think, of which he has been previously robbed of by software warfare and cyber tools, and this is the true freedom of thinking and contemplation which the human beings have been deprived of the most through seemingly pro human rights norms in international systems, enslaved by powers controlling material and intellectual riches of the mankind.

Tremendous parts of potential thinking and contemplation capacity of the mankind remains dormant prior to his emergence, and upon the emergence of Iman Mahdi, the thinking gains a new realization, and he will put the opponents and the enemies of reason and justice in their place.

Imam Mahdi will flourish both reason and justice, and he will not separate the two because justice cannot be comprehended, understood or implemented without reason. And it is not possible to deem reason as complete without reference to justice.

Justice is not a new concept to Islamic government thinking, and justice-orientation was the primary policy and inviolable principle in Alavi government.

Public Safety and Peace
Safety is one of the most fundamental needs of human beings in the pyramid of needs, and it has been fundamentalized and normalized in human thought as a basic need.

Safety in all aspects - ethical safety, economic safety, social safety, familial safety; and in many hadiths pertaining to emergence, the Islamic utopia is the city of safety and health.

In political and governing systems with popular theories, the man has not attained his rights.

The right of health and living is violated in humanistic and opportunistic thinking in the most inhumane fashion in the cradle of democracy and freedom with adoption of age as a criterion.

The number of the poor, the hungry, homeless children who are victim of wars and supporting them have only be of use in preparation and codification of legal conventions, and they have failed to provide them with the right of living, economic, familial and legal safety, and the Corona Virus pandemic subjected their efficiency to evaluation.

It's time that we demanded God, the Almighty, to fulfill the promise of all religion as to the prosperity, peace as well as economic, legal, ethical and social safety, and ask for the emergence [of the savior] for proper ruling of the world.

Imam Mahdi will create compassion in order to administer the safety that the mankind is so desperately searching for but cannot find.

In Islamic thought and Mahdaviat discourse, the human rights and the system governing it will be realized by The One promised by all the religions without discrimination.

In the global government and Mahdavi system, economic welfare and technological advances are recognized as basic human rights.

In light of the theist and justice-oriented management, based on science and reasoning, the lands become fertile and the mines will emerge, and they will be accessible to the mankind on a just basis, and the human concepts and values are an integral part of Imam's discourse.

The human beings are called upon to gather and take these properties, this is everything for which you deprived others from the right of living and violated the human integrity. A kind ruler who loves all the citizens in the world, distant or near, and a ruler who likes his people and makes it possible for them to enjoy their human rights justly.

The evolution of human minds has a special place in Mahdavi discourse and system because in order to serve justice, reasonable human beings who are able to comprehend the reality of any decisions are a crucial necessity.

Hadith no, 21 of Usul Al-Kafi, the chapter on the mind states: Mahdi will complete the thinking ability of people by the approval of God, and he creates wisdom in people.
And this is fundamental human right for enjoying education without discrimination, people are taught wisdom and science and Islam considers this the key to human capabilities.

In his sermon no. 182, Imam Ali states that he has a war clothing made of knowledge on, and has mastered that with all the traditions having thorough understanding, he is in constant search for wisdom.

Wisdom and knowledge are crucial characteristics of an Islamic ruler because under the scientific management, all human rights are realized.

Islamic utopia is the city of knowledge, and wisdom will replace ignorance, and this is the fundamental right of clarity and free access to information and, of course, science.

The higher a society is in terms of level of science and wisdom, the higher the chances of constructive and elevated regulations being realization.

The components of Mahdavi government and discourse are all of fundamental human rights.

We talked about the city of ethics, law and justice in which the citizens are not like robots the likes of which can be seen in some countries with seemingly legal discipline. In Mahdavi perspective and discourse, people may get angry, they need food and housing and they have the right of studying and recreation. A real city with real people.

It is the art of Imam Mahdi to employ them in the path to completion and prosperity of the mankind and justice without eradicating their instinct.

Mahdavi society is not a confined and terrifying society in which people are afraid of the large number of police officers.

If God had not promised the arrival of the savior, considering the description of the sweet period of ruling of Imam Ali based on what has been recorded, justice would not have been served and observance of human rights in the unfinished ruling of Imam Ali would have been subject to serious doubts.

Today, the divine religions are at a turning point in their religious obligations regarding enlightenment about the promise of a savior who will fulfill all human rights.

The mankind, terrified by Corona Virus, with all the promises made by liberal-democracy, faced the bitter truth that he is left alone in this difficult situation.

The human rights are not guaranteed to be fulfilled without the arrival of a savior, though at times it can be deemed as right devoid of human.

News Code: 29166
Published Date: Wednesday 8 April 2020 - 20:05:56
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