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News code: 28709
Published Date: Thursday 12 December 2019 - 16:44:17

Iran's response to HCHR statement on recent protests

Iran's response to HCHR statement on recent protests
IRAN  - The Islamic Republic of Iran's High Council for Human Rights issued a statement in response to allegation made by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

The full text of the HCHR's statement released is as follows:

Reply of the High Council of Human Rights of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the Statement of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

On Friday, December 15, 2019, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights released a statement on the recent unrests in the Islamic Republic of Iran, which included widespread and unreal charges as well as baseless allegations. In response, High Council of Human Rights of the Islamic Republic of Iran released the following important statement.

In the Name of God
the Compassionate, the Merciful

What the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has stated on the recent developments in our country is much regrettable and deplorable since it is discredited and blemished with delusive charges and incorrect information. The High Commissioner has accused the authorities of the country of lack of transparency in dealing with the unrest, while the most extensive information has been provided by the country's Judiciary and security officials and the media since the inception of the events and in comparison with other countries such as France, Britain and the United States, has been extremely accurate.

Apparently, as repeatedly stated in the statement, the High Commissioner has been deeply furious with the disconnection of Internet! And it means that an official international body, in its official position-takings, merely relies on what is commonplace in the chaotic fraudulent space of information! This is a very serious weakness in the conduct of this important international institution. While the people of our country have easily been connected to each other through the Iranian national network, whether or not the" Internet"! is connected.

There is much to be regretted that the High Commissioner has not asked herself why the Internet's connection with overseas was cut off. What they call the "means of information and transparency", is, in fact, the context of the widespread activity of "contemporary Western terrorism" that, on the one hand, engineers precise and violent operational planning and, on the other hand, organizes a false intellectual space against victims.! The recent experience of the Islamic Republic of Iran has well proved that the rise of the OHCHR for liberating the cyberspace from the dreadful terrorist networks, run and supported by the US and major European governments and the Zionist regime, is of utmost urgency.

Declaring dissatisfaction by people with parts of the government's policies is not unexpected in the Islamic Republic of Iran, as the most important democracy in West Asia, which has also been targeted and barraged with the most intense economic terrorism operation under the auspices of the US unilateral sanctions and the accompanying of its allies. But, how is it that the deployment of dozens of trained and organized terrorists to destroy sensitive networks of the Iranian people's lives and the brutal killing of innocent civilians are hidden from the eyes of the High Commissioner and those from of the wide and long machinery of the United Nations Human Rights Council?! It was enough for the Office of the High Commissioner to provide them with the wide range of information from the authorities and the media of the country so as to, at least, enable the evaluation of events; so that, they realize that it is impossible to set fire to more than 700 petrol stations and destroy more than two hundred bank branches, public service centers and mosques, and the use of machine guns against people on streets, in a very short time, could not be carried out, except with prior terrorist preparations. Had they watched some of the released films for a few minutes they would have never been satisfied with releasing the statement. If they realized that law enforcement officers and innocent people were the core target of the trained and armed terrorists, then they would not be bothered with the cutoff of the link of terrorists with their headquarters.

Our strong and emphatic recommendation to the High Commissioner and her colleagues are to:

conduct a broad and impartial investigation to introduce terrorist networks, active around her and her colleagues, to the peoples of the world, and to launch a massive shake-up to, gradually, restore the lost trust of nations to this important international institution.

Secondly, make transparent the role of the US and its European-Zionist allies in the turmoil and bloodshed in the region, which have been happening all about controlling oil resources and other reserves of the region; so that international authoritarian rulers will not be allowed to produce a "new ISIS". Let us not forget that the wounds of the previous terrorism inflicted on the people of the region have not yet healed, and the Human Rights Council's record is very deplorable. Undoubtedly, coherence of language and voice of the statements of the High Commissioner with allegations of American and Zionist authorities shall be damaging the reputation of this international body.

Thirdly, note the legal structure of the Islamic Republic of Iran: Article 27 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran provides for freedom of assembly and holding demonstrations, provided arms are not carried, as the legitimate rights of the nation, and in accordance with the Code of Conduct for the Security of Assemblies and Demonstrations, adopted in 2002, it is the right of citizens to, freely, organize and participate in assemblies and demonstrations, in observation of the law, and to enjoy the impartiality of the bodies responsible for the protection of security; and it is quite commonplace in all democracies throughout the world that expression of demands and protests and/or holding of mass demonstrations must be in accordance with the law and with obtaining the necessary permits to ensure enjoying security and protection; and there is a clear and apparent difference between peaceful civil protests, and terrorist acts, chaos and damage to property and lives of people and insecurity. For the information of the High Commissioner, we would like to emphasize that in recent events, individuals have not been detained for participating in peaceful demonstrations or collective protests, and solely, those who acted as elements for insecurity, chaos and violation against the rights of people were treated in full compliance with the laws and regulations. The few arrested individuals were handed over to the judiciary and on the order issued by the Supreme Leader of the Revolution; they are treated on the basis of tolerance and Islamic affection.

News Code: 28709
Published Date: Thursday 12 December 2019 - 16:44:17
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