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Published Date: Saturday 30 November 2019 - 09:32:59

Official: US sanctions endanger world shipping

Official: US sanctions endanger world shipping
IRAN  - Managing Director of Ports and Maritime Organization Mohammad Rastad said sanctions no only threaten shipping security in the Middle East but the maritime security of the entire world.

Speaking in a meeting with Secretary General of the International Maritime Organization Kitack Lim, Rastad said that the US sanctions include Iranian and foreign sailors working on Iranians ships, adding that it is against the Maritime Labor Convention and Human Rights.

Sanctions causes mental pressures and exhaustion for sailors and concerns for their families, he added.

He noted that sanctioning presentation of satellite services to ships has prevented sailors from their basic and natural rights.

Despite Iran's follow-ups in IMO and International Mobile Satellite Organization, no practical step has so far been taken for removing sanctions problems, he said.

Rastad went on to say that the IMO and International Mobile Satellite Organization mission is to maintain maritime security in the world.

Iran expects the two mentioned bodies to take effective measures for solving Iranian maritime industry problems, he reiterated.

Iran believes that regional maritime security should be provided by regional states, he said that Hormuz Peace Endeavor (HOPE) presented by Iran is of importance in this regard.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Rastad slammed the recent attacks to Iranian ships in the Red Sea and the measures aiming to conduct sabotage in all sea areas.

Meanwhile, Lim described as unacceptable attacks on ships all over the world and emphasized preserving sailors' rights in any condition.

He also termed as unfair limitations imposed by a member of IMO against others as in contrast with IMO conventions, saying the issue is under investigation.


News Code: 28633
Published Date: Saturday 30 November 2019 - 09:32:59
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