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Published Date: Tuesday 26 November 2019 - 14:57:03

Iran’s UPR and women’s status praised by many at HRC: Parliament official

Iran’s UPR and women’s status praised by many at HRC: Parliament official
IRAN  - In an interview with the High Council for Human Rights, Women Fraction President to the Parliament and a UPR delegation member, Farideh Olad Ghobad considered Iran’s UPR as a success for Iran and also mentioned the human rights achievements with regard to women’s human rights

What are the UPR's achievements for Iran?

During the past 40 years, unilateral and inhumane sanctions have been imposed against Iran and particularly during the past two years sanctions on medicines and health care have targeted women and children. Informing the Human Rights Council of this situation has brought Iran results. Actually, countries read our UPR prior to its presentation before the Human Rights Council and as the Iranian delegation presents reports on different scopes of human rights, many countries' views change towards Iran for they find our reports based on our people's human rights demands.

What measures have been adopted respecting the rights of the child?

We have passed the bill on the "Protection of Children and Juvenile" which is very valuable and also the UNICEF is looking forward to it. Also, with regard to granting citizenship to children with an Iranian mother and a non-Iranian father, positive measures have been taken so they would be able to enjoy their rights like other Iranian children. With respect to women, based on the sixth Development Plan, many articles have been ratified with the aim of empowering women and establishing gender equality. In other areas such as education, research, health and also in politics, effective measures have been taken. With regard to strengthening the family foundation, insurance for housewives, counseling services before and after marriage, sever punishments for crimes against women, reduction of working hours for women with special conditions and allocation of 30 per cent of managerial positions for women are of the positive points presented by the Islamic Republic of Iran's UPR and praised by many countries.

What solution do you have for responding the recommendations in a better way?

Many of the recommendations are already being implemented in the sixth Development Plan including "The Disabled Protection Act". The cooperation between the three bodies based on priorities in the society would lead to remarkable achievements in the Human Rights Council. For instance, the bill on Protection of Women against Violence which has been delivered to the government's commission of bills by the Judiciary is a result of a successful work done by the three bodies. Another work worth mentioning is the alternative punishments for certain crimes and shortening the length of criminal punishments which have led to a reduction on the number of inmates in our country.


News Code: 28614
Published Date: Tuesday 26 November 2019 - 14:57:03
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