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News code: 28506
Published Date: Tuesday 5 November 2019 - 12:58:10

Iran to appear impressively at new UPR cycle: Larijani

Iran to appear impressively at new UPR cycle: Larijani
IRAN  - In a meeting on Iran’s participation in the coming UN Human Rights Council summit, Mohammad Javad Larijani told journalists that the Judiciary will play a new and different role in the international and human rights arenas in the new round of human rights dialogues.

UPR is an innovative mechanism which means that the situation of human rights in all countries is taken into consideration regularly every four years, he said.

On the importance of UPR, he added that in the past certain UN member states considered themselves perfect and despite of their own crimes, they would accuse other countries of human rights violations. He also mentioned that UPR has avoided this political game and that is why the US is against this mechanism and has left the Human Rights Council.

On the contrary, we are actively in favor of UPR and we are the first country to deliver biennial reports to the council since Iran is the leader of human dignity in the world, Iran's human rights chief said.

"All aspects of Iran's achievements including economic, social rights will be examined in this meeting and each country would be able to comment on Iran for two minutes. Fortunately, we have made progress in the scopes of democracy and development remarkably and considering the economic terrorism which is taking place against our country, one of the discussions we are going to raise will be on the US unilateralism, he said."

He also mentioned the importance of the meeting held by the Judiciary's Human Rights High Council on Saturday and said that we presented the reports prepared by all governmental bodies on the false reports published against us and also made decisions about the projects which are going to be planned against us next year.


News Code: 28506
Published Date: Tuesday 5 November 2019 - 12:58:10
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