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News code: 28140
Published Date: Saturday 31 August 2019 - 09:09:35

Iran: No talks with US under sanctions

Iran: No talks with US under sanctions
IRAN  - Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs Seyed Abbas Araqchi dismissed any possibility for negotiations with Washington before the removal of all US sanctions against Tehran.

"We are only talking with the European countries over our specific 11 demands (based on the JCPOA) and we will not negotiate with the US," Araqchi said in an interview with the state TV on Wednesday night.

"No country would accept to enter negotiations while being under maximum pressure" because doing so would mean "surrender", he added.

Araqchi also reiterated that talks with the US within the framework of the JCPOA would only materialize should Washington lift all of its sanctions against Iran.

He further noted that Iran had accepted France's invitation to go to the city of Biarritz hosting a recent G7 summit only on the condition that "there should be no talks or meetings, even accidental ones, with the American delegation".

The deputy foreign minister warned that if the Europeans fail to fully comply with their commitments under the nuclear agreement, Tehran will take the third step to reduce its JCPOA obligations.

His remarks came one day after Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that the only way to solve problems between Tehran and Washington is that the White House stops its baseless claims about his country's nuclear program and removes all of its unlawful sanctions against his nation.

The key to "positive developments" is in the hands of Washington, President Rouhani said during a local ceremony.

"If they wish for more security in the region and want to have better relations with regional countries; if they claim that they want nothing from Iran, then they have to step back from sanctions," the president added.

"If you [US] removed all sanctions, only then the situation would change," he stressed, adding "we are not looking for just taking a picture with somebody."

"We won't build nuclear bombs, whether or not you say we mustn't do so," said Rouhani. "Not because of what you say, not because of your scorns and threats, but because of our own beliefs, ethics, our national security and also the fatwa of our Leader. If you're really honest about this that your only concern is this, then the concern is already resolved. So take the first step. The door cannot be unlocked without this step, which is for you to remove all illegal and unjust sanctions against the Iranian nation."

"We have always been a man of negotiations, and the whole world attests to it. We have been always ready for talks and still are."

Rouhani went on to add, "we are not seeking tension with the world. We want security in the region and across the world. We are ready for cooperation with all friendly countries. We are ready to move in line with our national security and interests while observing all international rules and regulations."

"If it is needed to talk to someone, we will do so; if it is needed to resist, we will defend [our rights]. If someone is trying to bully us, we will stand against the bully. Our ultimate goal, however, is to preserve Iran's dignity and power," said Rouhani.

"Our path is clear: if they return to their commitments, we will return too and resume our commitments. If not, we will continue our own way," the president added.


News Code: 28140
Published Date: Saturday 31 August 2019 - 09:09:35
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