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News code: 28131
Published Date: Tuesday 27 August 2019 - 15:49:56

Judiciary revealed details on three spies

Judiciary revealed details on three spies
IRAN  - Three spies were sentenced to serve time in prison for espionage and another two years for receiving illegal payments, Iran's judiciary said on Tuesday.

Anousheh Ashouri got 10 years in prison for feeding information to Israel's Mossad spy agency, judiciary spokesman Gholamhossein Esmaili told reporters.

Esmaili said Aras Amiri was already serving her term. "this person... was identified by us because of her cultural infiltration in society through arts and her widespread activities," he added.

She was also handed a two-year prison sentence for receiving 33,000 euros ($36,600) in illicit funds from Israel and ordered to pay the same amount in fines.

Being arrested by Iranian intelligence and security agencies last year, Amiri confessed to her crimes.

Another spy called Ali Johari got 10 years for various espionage offences, including "widespread connections with Mossad... and meeting with various elements linked to the Zionists," Esmaili said.

Johari had been in contact with operatives in India, Laos and Sri Lanka, among other countries, and also travelled to "occupied lands", the judiciary added.

He had been in the process of "getting citizenship from this country", said Esmaili, in apparent reference to Israel.

Johari also received two years for accepting illicit funds and was ordered to pay that unspecified amount in fines, said Esmaili.



News Code: 28131
Published Date: Tuesday 27 August 2019 - 15:49:56
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