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Published Date: Tuesday 13 August 2019 - 09:58:58

US seeking regime change by HR campaign against Iran: Activist

US seeking regime change by HR campaign against Iran: Activist
IRAN  - Marzieh Hashemi is an American-Iranian journalist and TV anchor. Earlier this year, she was arrested by FBI in St Louis, Missouri, where she had filmed a Black Lives Matter documentary after visiting relatives in the New Orleans area.

She received the 5th International Islamic Human Rights Award (2019) for her human rights activities. She told HCHR website that she believes Iran is one of the top countries in the world "in trying to provide basic human rights for its people."

The following is the full transcript of the interview:

Iranian women situation in Iran like other modern countries

HCHR: As an American woman living in Iran, do you believe women in Iran enjoy freedom and their rights are respected?
I believe that women in Iran enjoy many rights and lots of freedom. I don't think it's very different than majority of modern countries in the world and in some case perhaps even better because being able to for example travel alone and feel that one is secure is a privilege that I don't think majority of women in the world actually have.
So, I think in general, looking after the rights of women in Iran has changed a lot over the years. It's become from a male-oriented society to a probably more female-oriented society. Lots and lots have been changed over the years in trying to improve women's rights. I think women in IRI share very high status and that is based on respect and I think it is important in an Islamic society that men take on the roles of not only provider but also feeling responsible not only for the women of his family but even in the society.

So, I can tell you for example and experience that I've had once years ago and as I was driving, my car got a flat tire and within a minute I think there were at least three men from what I remember who stopped and offered their help. This is important because when people take on the men in the society take on that perspective that they're responsible for everyone, responsible for each other and there's a certain perspective that comes from Islam, of course of that responsibility especially towards women and I think that is very appreciated especially in the world that we're living in today that those lines are getting more and more blurred as far as what is a man and what is a woman, I think it's quite refreshing when it is obvious to be in a society that those roles aren't blurred.

HCHR: How do you evaluate the human rights situation in America?

The human rights situation inside the US depends on the sector of the country that we're talking about. We know that from the very beginning, there were talks about human rights and also it's continually mentioned in the society but if we  see the roots of the country that is the taking away of the human rights of the native Americans and how that country was initially established and then we see the taking away of any rights of the Africans who were taken there and basically enslaved. With these types of roots, I don't think that we could have an expectation of a country that deeply believes in human rights.

There are some rights under surface and even those rights depend on the color on one's skin even the basic human rights. Let's talk about the country that says it's the greatest in the world, why does it have over 40 million people who are impoverished and food deprived. We have millions of people not able to get clean drinking water for free and they would have to buy it. Why is that the case? Health care in general is a basic problem in the US because of its cost.

Marzieh Hashemi

Basic HR not met in US

So, for those who are not privileged enough to have a job that has medical benefits, people are suffering and there are many people that are losing their lives because of not being able to get readily medical care, affordable medical care. People are in fear of getting very serious illnesses that they would have to be in the hospital because they just can't afford it.

These are basic rights that every human being should have that here too and in the US it's a major problem and the question is why, when you say that you're number one economic power in the world, why should so many of your people be suffering? We see then and we get more about the human rights discrepancies between the quality of living depending on the color of one's skin and the neighborhood which one lives in which affects everything, the type of education you get, the type of future you have in general, job opportunities and the higher likelihood that you will end up in jail or not because you're coming from an impoverished neighborhood it's more likely that you are going to be subjected to so many other things. So, human rights in general have been used as slogans but the reality underground has always been something different.

HCHR: Washington has been abusing rights not only of its own people but also abroad, people in Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq, why the international community fails to hold US responsible for these humanitarian crisis?

Unfortunately, because the US post World War II basically became a powerful country, being that of course the international trade and transactions being done with the US dollar, it empowered them like nothing else and of course being that it concentrated on its military industrial complex creating all types of destructive weapons for itself to use and to sell to others and total control of various international organizations whether we're talking about the UN or international monetary fund, being able to manipulate and control actually these organizations in the way it saw fit.
So, this is the problem when it comes to human rights or the human rights violations of the US and the reason why it is not held responsible in the international arena because first of all it would be the UN that has one of the main responsibilities of making sure allegedly anyway that countries here respecting human rights of their citizens and others and of course the US having veto control and also being the country that funds the UN the most that they will not go against the US.

And when we have seen different votes in different UN committees that would go against the US, they were immediately condemned. This is the same way whether we're talking about as I said from the nuclear aspect of the IAEA, are we talking about other international organizations, the US gets usually its way. So, they can put pressure on whichever country they want to put pressure upon whether these countries in violation of anything or not and also they will not themselves ever be held accountable because if there is a country that even tries to hold them accountable, then they'll make sure that they suffer so basically it is using their economic power and more importantly their military strength and international infiltration of organizations to basically control the narrative.

Marzieh Hashemi

US seeking regime change by HR campaign against Iran

HCHR: A pressure campaign against Iran on Human Rights is going on, do you believe the western countries with their long history of invasions and abusing people's rights are in a place to judge human rights in Iran?

I think there's been a pressure campaign on Iran since of founding of the Islamic Republic for more than 40 years now. That pressure has been there and basically the root of the pressure is to try to use whatever they can as an excuse to be able to overthrow the Islamic Republic.
So, it is interesting that the countries that point their finger the most at Iran are some of the biggest violators of human rights in the world whether we're talking about the US which continues to basically not abide by any international regulations.

They choose to do what they want, when they want to do it and basically think that they will not have to pay for it and yes it is usually impunity because of their control over the international organizations. Unfortunately, we can see time after time the US invading countries, inflicting economic warfare on countries, overthrowing legitimate governments.

This is a big part of its history and of course England and these are two of the biggest violators and the ones that make the most noise when it comes to other countries especially Iran and the reality is the for them Iran is a threat because Iran says no hegemony, Iran says no to other countries being able to control its own natural resources and Iran says no to following the whims of a hegemony, that Iran is an independent country and believes an independent policy so, it is punished for that because the last thing that the US, England, France and others want is for an independent country to be successful, to thrive and to be an example to others of a better way instead of just coming under the control and the whims of a hegemony should be able to follow one's own path.

Marzieh Hashemi

Iran is a top country in providing HR to its people

I think that's the biggest threat for them and that is why they continue to use the excuse of human rights and other excuses to increase pressure on Iran. But, in general, I mean if we look over the situation of human rights in Iran, yes there are problems with human rights in Iran just like their problems in other countries but if we look at the overall situation on a day to day basis, Iran has to be one of the top countries I believe in the world in trying to provide basic human rights for its people.

Iran, despite all the pressure that it has, we look at its fight against terrorism and trying to help liberate people of the region from terrorists and I think that's number one actually being able to respect someone's human rights, first making sure that they live in a secure environment and providing security is number one and from there we can go to adhering to human rights and everything else but if there is a situation that it is insecure and it's a war zone, terrorists controlling an area, then that is the biggest threat to human rights and life in general and unfortunately these western counties have at the very least have supported these terrorist groups and unfortunately in many cases have created them themselves to actually create insecurity in the region ,so I thinks that's the biggest violation of human rights in the world.


News Code: 28058
Published Date: Tuesday 13 August 2019 - 09:58:58
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