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News code: 28024
Published Date: Wednesday 7 August 2019 - 11:05:24

"US sanctions are nothing but terrorism"; Zarif

IRAN  - Iranian Foreign Minister stressed that "sanctions" is the wrong word for economic embargo of US against Iran; as "by every mean, it is the exact definition of terrorism."

"Terrorism is defined as intimidation to achieve certain political means; we have heard Pompeo saying Washington is pressuring Iranians so they can choose whether they want food or continuing their policies; this is nothing but terrorism."

Speaking at a ceremony to mark the Islamic Human Rights and Human Dignity Day in Tehran; Zarif referred to the Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and said "the country who believed it is legitimate to kill civilians to end the war' is now imposing sanctions to achieve their political agenda.

Stressing that Iran is interested in dialogue and cooperation with the world, he added: "nuclear deal is the best evidence that Islamic Republic is not only open in talks but also abide its commitments."

"We are not looking for conflicts, but we follow our own discourse; it is our identity and we will not give it up."

Iranians top diplomat dismissed the western approach to human rights, saying that for Iran, human rights are not "means", and in Islamic school of thought officials must respect human rights otherwise they are held responsible here and in hereafter.

"We are not free of mistakes in human rights, but Iran is committed to promote the HR situation of its people'.

The Islamic Human Rights and Human Dignity Day was marked in Tehran on Wednesday at a ceremony attended by Iranian Judiciary Chief Raeisi, Foreign Minister Zarif and a number of foreign ambassadors in the country where the winners of the 5th edition of Islamic Human Rights Award were named.


News Code: 28024
Published Date: Wednesday 7 August 2019 - 11:05:24
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