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News code: 28022
Published Date: Tuesday 6 August 2019 - 13:07:51

"Sanctions violate rights of a nation": Larijani

IRAN  - In a televised interview on Monday night, Chief of the Iranian Judiciary's Human Rights Council Mohammad Javad Larijani slammed economic sanctions against Islamic Republic.

"Sanctions prevent people to get medicine, and it is absolutely a violation of human rights but economic embargo is the violation of the rights of a nation and cannot be ignored."

Referring to the contradictory claims of the western countries, Larijani noted the importance of basic rights for all the human being and questioned the Israelis' behavior with Palestinians.

"If as they say, basic human rights cannot be violated under any condition, so why the Palestinians are forced to leave their houses, their children are killed and they are not allowed to receive basic goods?"

He further noted the humanitarian crisis in Yemen and questioned western claims about human rights and their support of the invasion of the Saudi-led coalition against Yemenis.

He added that "gross violations of human right by the western countries' cannot be justified even with their own laws and mandates.

News Code: 28022
Published Date: Tuesday 6 August 2019 - 13:07:51
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