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Published Date: Wednesday 10 July 2019 - 08:11:58

Swiss Ambassador lauds Iran's services to foreign nationals

Swiss Ambassador lauds Iran's services to foreign nationals
IRAN  - Swiss Ambassador to Tehran Markus Leitner said on Tuesday that Iran's timely services and facilities offered to foreigners, especially to Afghan nationals are of high value.

Leitner made the remarks in presence of 30 ambassadors, foreign diplomats residing in Tehran and officials from international organizations engaged with refugee affairs in Iran on the border of Dogharoon in Taibad, Khorasan Razavi on Tuesday.

These visits are very important and effective for European countries, he said.

Given the current situation and the lives of different nationalities in the Islamic Republic of Iran, regular visits of foreigners who enter and leave the country through borders are of prime importance, he said.

Director General of Bureau for Aliens and Foreign Immigrants Affairs of Khorasan Razavi Governorate Seyyed Ali Qasemi for his part went on to say, "Khorasan Razavi is the second largest province in terms of foreigners' commute smoothly after Tehran."

Qasemi added that the services provided to foreigners at Khorasan Razavi drove the attention of foreign countries and the United Nations to the province.

He stated that 320,000 refugees and migrants live in Khorasan Razavi, 160,000 of whom have identity cards, and some 70,000 are illegally residing in Iran.

Despite of unfair economic sanctions imposed by some European countries, the Iranian government continues to provide services to refugees and foreign immigrants in the country, especially in Khorasan Razavi, with the goal of humanitarian services which increased on daily bases.

Qasemi added that between 500,000 and 3,000 Afghan citizens have returned to their country via Dogharoon border.


News Code: 27845
Published Date: Wednesday 10 July 2019 - 08:11:58
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