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Published Date: Monday 24 June 2019 - 15:39:08

Iran, Japan to start human rights talks, Larijani

Iran, Japan to start human rights talks, Larijani
IRAN  - The Head of Iran's High Council for Human Rights revealed that Iran and Japan will start human rights talks soon to "discuss judicial and legal understanding away from political games."

In the meeting held between the Judiciary head and ambassadors, chargés d'affaires, and representatives of international organizations in Iran on Monday morning, Mohammad Javad Larijani criticized the Western propaganda against human rights in Iran.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran is the greatest democracy in Western Asia; it is a political system based on the Islamic rationality which has institutionalized the concept of democracy in itself. However, during the past four decades, a resolution has been issued by the western countries against Iran every year."

Referring to the activities of HCHR, Larijani noted that Iran has delivered thousand pages of reports to the international bodies.

Iran's High Council for Human Rights is responsible to pursue all issues relating to human rights at both domestic and international levels and consists of five ministers, the head of law enforcement forces, the attorney general of justice, the chief of state prisons, and the chief of the general inspectorate of the state as well as some lawyers.

"We believe that when human rights documents were prepared by western secular thinkers 70 years ago and after WWII, the Islamic thought was left out; just a Christian Lebanese was present at the committee in charge of drafting the UN human rights documents."

He added that although everybody's views are respected, Iran believes the Islamic values should not be neglected by human rights instruments, "for we believe that universality is an interactive phenomenon and could not be imposed."

"We express our stances in the international stages explicitly and we would like to become familiar with other viewpoints and this proves our rationality. We have bilateral human rights dialogues with different countries and our dialogues with Switzerland finished a while ago. We also have plans for talks with Japan as well."


News Code: 27749
Published Date: Monday 24 June 2019 - 15:39:08
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