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Published Date: Monday 29 April 2019 - 15:45:04

Saudi Arabia is a threat to peace and stability of the region and the world; Iran

Saudi Arabia is a threat to peace and stability of the region and the world; Iran
IRAN  - The High Council for Human Rights has issued a statement which condemns the mass executions in Saudi Arabia and asks for the expulsion of this country from the UN Human Rights Council.

The statement reads as follows,

According to the news and international reports, another hideous crime has been committed by the Saudi regime. The execution of 37 Saudi citizens merely due to criticizing the ruling dictatorship in that country is a reminder of a similar appalling incident which occurred in 2016 and it should be noted that the recent crime is only one of the human rights violations which has occurred since 1980 in the Saudi Kingdom.

Also, it has been reported that before the victims were put to trial, they had suffered from torture and terrible conditions in detention and also the show trials have not followed the Islamic principles and the international standards.

The bitter part of the story is that the dissidents of the barbarian Saudi regime face the capital punishment not only in their own country but also in other countries should they criticize the regime. An example for such horrendous crimes is the murder of Jamal Khashoggi in a diplomatic place.

Dangerous aspects of the Saudi regime go beyond the mentioned crimes. Today, the world sees an aggressive state in the Persian Gulf which deliberately ignores all the Islamic behavioral principles and also the pre-determined international frameworks of conduct.

The Saudi regime is a government which has committed acts of aggression against the Yemeni people openly without keeping the international laws of armed conflicts. In addition to destroying Yemen's infrastructure, they have continuously bombarded and killed thousands of civilians including women and children since 2015 and also have severely limited the Yemeni people's access to food and medicine.

Possessing billions of petrodollars, the Saudi regime has created the most violent terrorist groups in cooperation with Washington, the Zionist regime and also some European governments such as France and the UK. Having armed the mentioned groups, they have triggered countless disasters in Iraq, Syria, Iran and other parts of the world. Such a regime is not only a serious threat to the region and the Islamic world but also it is a mounting threat to the international security.

The Saudi regime is provided with the military and political back-up by Washington, Tel Aviv, London and Paris and this has made it an even larger scale danger for the world.

The question here is that what has caused the countries in the secular-liberal frontline to be in such unfortunate immoral conditions that in exchange for material benefits, they cross the line and commit such large-scale crimes?
The important point is that such incidents do not indicate merely the immorality and corruption of a few countries and politicians, but in fact, proves the failure of an ideology which claims to support philanthropy, human rights, freedom and democracy and considers itself as peace-loving. Undoubtedly, it can be said that the experience of the western secular-liberalism has been one the most damaging experiences of the human civilization and its failure, at the same time, has led to murdering humans all over the world.

We believe in this critical situation:

First; we should free ourselves from Secular liberalism- the big superstition of modernity- and its baseless and empty promises of freedom, human dignity and fake human rights and let new experiences emerge. We must not wait for the resolutions of international organizations and not waste a second to form a front in order to "revive and protect human dignity" together.

Second, reviving Islamic rationality and seize its capacity to form ‘civil manners' will serve not only Islamic world but also all the people on earth to save the oppressed and break free from the avaricious capitalism.

Third, any act of violence and abuse of nation's rights in any place and under any circumstances must be opposed.

We must not wait for Security Council to act on Yemen. We need to ignore the sanctions all together and provide vital help to the oppressed Yemenis. As the threats posed by Da'esh (ISIS) were eliminated with the efforts of the regional countries and the cooperation of determined nations, so will be the war against Yemen.

Fourth, Saudi Arabia's continued membership of the Human Rights Council is an irony and a real insult to the intelligence of people. This puppet and corrupt regime should be expelled from the council. The UN Secretary General and High commissioner for human rights should play their role here and pay their debt to the humanity.

Five, fighting terrorism and its founders and supporters including Washington, Tel Aviv as well as some European governments like France and the UK must be on the agenda. It is highly critical to expose their cooperation and contacts with terrorists and their pro-terrorism policies.

At the end, it must not be ignored that the world and humanity is not facing a simple criminal act but rather a movement which has ideology, money, big media corporations and military power and knows no boundary for its audacity. Therefore, the fall of the followers of Secular liberalism and the 21st -century-regimes is an important incident and its dire consequences for the world security must be taken into account.

High Council for Human Rights of Islamic republic of Iran, believes that Saudi Arabia deserves server punishment. However, the regimes of Washington and Tel Aviv as well as their European allies should be strongly condemned, since as Trump has said, "Saudi King wouldn't last two weeks" without their support. Accordingly, the crimes of Saudi supporters are far more than just having political ties, they are in fact ‘partners in crime'.

News Code: 27354
Published Date: Monday 29 April 2019 - 15:45:04
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