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News code: 27291
Published Date: Saturday 20 April 2019 - 17:51:28

HCHR statement on the martyrdom of Fatima Suleiman

HCHR statement on the martyrdom of Fatima Suleiman
IRAN  - Iran's High Council of Human Rights released a statement on the martyrdom of Fatima Suleiman, the devoated Palestinian teacher, who was fatally struck in the Khirbat al-Dayr district of the town of Tuqu', on Thursday morning.

The full text of the HCHR's statement released is as follows:


The horrific vehicle-ramming attack against a devoted Palestinian teacher by Israeli settlers reveals new aspects of Zionist crimes in the occupied Palestine.

This crime was committed by Israeli settlers who are imported from various parts of the world, expelling Palestinians from their own homes, rambling around illegal settlements carrying weapons, bullying and killing people under Zionist regime’s support and protection.

The incident shows various dimensions of the phenomenon we are facing;

First, based on the UN documents and resolutions, the incident is the quintessence of an act of terrorism.

Second, the incident is an epitome of state terrorism as it is fully supported by the Zionist Regime.

Third, all of the countries who support the Zionist Regime are absolutely abetting these crimes and should be held responsible for their policies.

Fourth, we are witnessing the birth of a “colony of human beings” who has no limit in exercising violence. In a near future, this flock of people will be a threat to all human societies, endangering even the Jews.

The US government and its European allies have the lion’s share in responsibility for formation of this “wild group” in the 21st century, and should not be surprised when the violence backfires on their own countries.

The silence of international organizations, who do not waste any moment in taking stance on trivial issues and even rumors, reveals the critical situation Zionists have created for the humanity.

News Code: 27291
Published Date: Saturday 20 April 2019 - 17:51:28
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