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News code: 27257
Published Date: Tuesday 16 April 2019 - 12:52:34

Iran rules out disruption in handing out emergency supplies

Iran rules out disruption in handing out emergency supplies
IRAN  - Iran's Foreign Ministry on Tuesday rejected reports on alleged disruption in the process of distribution of emergency supplies to flood-affected people, saying that Iranian charity organizations are in charge of handing out humanitarian aid.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi told IRNA that such allegations are disseminated maliciously to spread pessimism and disappointment.

'The foreign humanitarian aid received so far has been provided to the people in the regions where flood had subsided under full supervision of Iran's Red Crescent Society,' he said.

Humanitarian aid dispatched by foreign countries are distributed regularly to flood-affected people as soon as the rescue workers get access to the flood-hit areas, he said.

He appreciated the foreign countries for sending humanitarian aid, saying that they indicated sense of responsibility and solidarity with Iran.

Two million Iranians have been affected by unprecedented heavy rains and flooding that claimed the lives of at least 80 people, displacing hundreds of thousand.

According Iranian Red Crescent Society numerous countries, including Kuwait, Germany, Republic of Azerbaijan, France, Pakistan, Turkey, Armenia and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) have sent humanitarian aid to Iran.

Concerns about the humanitarian crisis came against backdrop of harsh global criticism of the US unilateral sanctions on Iran which have blocked transfer of financial humanitarian aid from international organizations to Iranian charity and relief agencies.


News Code: 27257
Published Date: Tuesday 16 April 2019 - 12:52:34
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