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News code: 27108
Published Date: Monday 25 March 2019 - 16:27:20

HCHR statement on the UN Human Rights Council ratification for Iran

HCHR statement on the UN Human Rights Council ratification for Iran
IRAN  - In reaction to the UN human rights council’s ratification for Iran, Iran’s High Council for Human Rights has issued a statement which reads as follows,

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Last week, the UN Human Rights Council ratified a resolution which was drafted by Sweden concerning the extension of the special rapporteur's mandate for one more year.

The Islamic Republic of Iran's stance regarding this unfortunate measure taken by actors of the UN human rights theater is, as before, logical, lawful and based on principles:

The Islamic Republic of Iran is the most important and the most advanced democracy in western Asia and even in the whole world and during the past four decades, the Islamic revolution has founded a democratic system based on Islamic rationality and has also created a new civil lifestyle.

Western Zionist politicians need to stop ignoring others selfishly, for, in a near future they will have to leave aside their humiliating and threatening policies and imposing their ideas.

The appointment of the special rapporteur for the Islamic Republic of Iran, which has been the beginning point of the contemporary civil developments in western Asia and also in the world of Islam, is obviously an unjustifiable and illegitimate measure resulted from political trickery. Besides, the unlawful conduct of special rapporteurs is clear evidence for the satanic and authoritarian goals set by directors of this scandalous theater.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has repeatedly notified the UN Secretary General and the High Commissioner for Human rights of the special rapporteurs' obvious and inexcusable misconduct as saying:
The special rapporteur is not entitled to attend different media and run a political show against a country for which he is supposed to prepare a report. He must merely deliver his report to the Office of the High Commissioner according to his mandate framework.

The special rapporteur is not entitled to gather accusations without a transparent methodology.

The special rapporteur is not entitled to collaborate with criminals and terrorists and then use their false information as a human rights tool. Human Rights are not improved by terror and force but through respecting others' civil experiences and through constructive interactions.

The special rapporteur is not entitled to place himself in the position of running a country and cannot write down orders for running one. He must merely prepare his report and respect the official systems of countries.

The special rapporteur is not entitled to issue religious orders and to authorize himself to make the religion understood for others. And, if he considers himself in such a position, this is totally irrelevant to his mandate as a rapporteur.

The special rapporteur must reflect the official stances of the country in his report even if he disagrees with them. The rapporteurs who act like TV anchors for media in Washington, London, Paris and Tel Aviv are strong evidence for the corruption is the main issue and there are no human right concerns in the ratification of such resolutions. On the contrary, there are conspiracies based on politicization, discrimination and egocentricity of the authoritarian decision-makers.

The western countries which have issued this resolution had better remember that the Iranian nation is one of the cradles of the human civilization and the countries with a background of cannibalism in their history will not be able to give this great nation a bad name through these false accusations.

The Islamic Republic of Iran condemns this measure of the UN Human Rights Council and courageously announces that it will uncover these conspiracies so that the hypocrisy, racism and enmity hidden behind the façade of human rights will be revealed for the whole world.

The Islamic Republic of Iran welcomes the constructive cooperation of the High Commissioner and her Office and mentions that it considers the appointment of the special rapporteur unjustifiable and illegitimate and also finds the special rapporteur's conduct in direct contradiction to the special rapporteurs' code of conduct. Also, the Islamic Republic of Iran considers collaboration with and defending vampire terrorists and criminals as wrongful acts which could be prosecuted.


News Code: 27108
Published Date: Monday 25 March 2019 - 16:27:20
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