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News code: 27104
Published Date: Sunday 17 March 2019 - 16:04:23

HCHR statement on the terrorist incident in New Zealand

HCHR statement on the terrorist incident in New Zealand
IRAN  - The High Council for Human rights has issued a statement and condemned the massacre of Muslims, urging the international bodies to react to it.

The statement reads as follows,

In the Name of God

The horrendous catastrophe which caused the death of defenseless Muslims in New Zealand on their Friday prayer gathering is an example of systematic and smart measures taken in order to spread hatred and extremism all over the world.

The incidents like the one mentioned above which have unfortunately been along with other cases of nuisance for Muslim girls and women at schools and public places particularly in the West and also with the faction created among Muslims all over the world, have had a cancerous growth during the recent years.

The mentioned anti-human rights process has triggered a tragic situation in which nearly one hundred innocent people were killed and severely injured in a country like New Zealand which enjoys one of the lowest crime rates.

The Islamic Republic of Iran High Council for Human Rights offers the Iranian nation's condolences to the families of the martyrs killed in this terrorist incident and solemnly condemns this barbarous behavior. Also, the HCHR urges the UN Secretary General and the Security Council to take this issue into consideration seriously and considering their international obligations and duties, discover the main roots of such systematic anti-humane measures which are clear examples of religious hatred, anti-Islamism , racial discrimination and which indicate the creation of a new type of terrorist groups.

Indifference towards previous terrorist crimes in European countries and categorizing terrorist groups as good and bad groups by western states particularly the U.S, Norway, France and England has caused growing insecurity and terrorism in the world and should such politicization continue, New Zealand's catastrophe will be just one among many others coming.

The HCHR warns against this politicization and the consequences of remaining indifference respecting these cases of crimes against humanity and demands that a special rapporteur be appointed by the UN Secretary General in order to trace the roots of this anti-human phenomenon and also urges the UN Security Council to issue a resolution and condemn these terrorist and racial measures.


News Code: 27104
Published Date: Sunday 17 March 2019 - 16:04:23
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