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Published Date: Wednesday 6 February 2019 - 16:05:02

Iran, Switzerland discuss HR cooperation

Iran, Switzerland discuss HR cooperation
IRAN  - Secretary of Iran's High Council for Human Rights and the ambassador of Switzerland discussed the opportunities to strengthen bilateral judicial and human rights cooperation.

Markus Leitner, the ambassador of Switzerland to the Islamic Republic of Iran called for furthering judicial dialogue with Iran, saying his country is hoping for broader cooperation.

He also welcomed Iran- Switzerland scientific collaboration and hoped for employing the "available chances."

Secretary of Iran's High Council for Human Rights called the bilateral talks "positive step", adding that the results have not met expectations. "Some views, especially those politically oriented, should be revised" he said.

"Experts and people who ae involved in judicial and human rights issue should be looking for concrete results, they should not let the existing double standards to hurt the subjects."

The two sides also discussed FATF, where Larijani raised the issue that the system "should be evaluated in practice."

"I believe approval or rejection of FATF conventions does not matter; however, the vital question is how the system works in practice. For instance, MEK terrorists receive huge amounts of money from American and Saudi banks or even dirty money from drugs. Have the FATF organizations followed their money trails, condemned or acted on it?"

Referring to ISIS financial transactions, Iran's Human Rights Chief asked how this well-known terrorists group have been successful in receiving their "oil money"?

The two sides are supposed to hold further round of talks to develop the issue.


News Code: 26928
Published Date: Wednesday 6 February 2019 - 16:05:02
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