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Published Date: Monday 7 January 2019 - 11:18:48

Trump just echoing his own hollow, impossible dreams

Trump just echoing his own hollow, impossible dreams
IRAN  - Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi said that the allegations repeatedely leveled against Iran by the US President Donald Trump claiming that Tehran was keen for talks with Washington were merely the expression of Trump's own false and absurd dreams, IRNA reported.

Qasemi made the remarks Monday referring to the US President's remarks about the situation in Iran and his claims about Tehran's tendency to hold talks with the United States.

The spokesman said Trump was just expressing his impossible dreams which could not be realized.

The US president as always has extended his illogical and hateful allegations against Iranian people with no knowledge of the recent developments and without reviewing the completely wrong policies adopted by his predecessors in the region and toward Iran, he said.

He added that Trump's claims were the repetition of the medieval powers' avarice and ambitions the expiration date of which has long been overdue.

Despite all its rancorous plots against Iranian people, he noted, the US fantasies and hostile acts against Iran have always failed so far .

The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman went on to say that the US is well aware of the fact that Islamic Republic of Iran is quite familiar with the mechanism of US pressures and sanctions policies which have been going on for decades now.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Qasemi advised Trump to be aware of the fact that Iranian nation could never be brought to their knees by unfair US pressures.

He said Iranians have throughout their eventful history learned how to stand against avaricious dictators, he added.

The US President Donald Trump on Sunday said that anti-Iran sanctions have been effective, adding that Iranians are not in good conditions.

Iran is after holding negotiations with the US, he claimed.


News Code: 26741
Published Date: Monday 7 January 2019 - 11:18:48
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