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Published Date: Saturday 29 December 2018 - 16:49:43

Larijani explained failure of Iran-EU HR talks

Larijani explained failure of Iran-EU HR talks
IRAN  - Iran’s Human Rights chief explained the reasons for the recent failure of Iran-EU HR talks, adding that Iran must stop fulfilling commitments under nuclear deal.

"For Europeans to have human rights dialogues with us, all aspects have been taken into consideration by the High Council for Human Rights and we have had the ministry of foreign affairs move ahead its diplomacy step by step."

The remarks were made by Mohammad Javad Larijani, the secretary of Iran's High Council for Human Rights and a senior politician, in a televised interview on Wednesday night.

Stressing that the first obstacle on the way of constructive human rights dialogues is "double standard", he called discrimination as the second concerns, "i.e. one side considers themselves as superior to others."

"The third problem is ‘imposition of ideas', meaning the west could hold the idea of liberal-secularism for itself, but, the Iranian nation and other nations have a certain right to live their civil life based on Islamic rationalism."

Larijani added that the next issue was fighting with terrorism and "not using human rights as a means to justify terrorist acts", saying that all of the topics and basis were rejected by the European side recently

Iran must stop fulfilling commitments under nuclear deal
"Although we might fulfill [our obligations under] JCPOA, we should announce we have no legal commitment to JCPOA ... There are lots of interesting moves we can take to show the world we are not bound to the deal but we are still working to see how much would they cooperate,".

Larijani said there have been big mistakes in the government's approach during the nuclear talks that led to the 2015 deal and following the US withdrawal.

He said Iran's basic demands are not being met under the JCPOA and the country does not benefit from the deal.

"We had two indicators on JCPOA. The first indicator is that we should be able to freely sell our oil within our [OPEC] quota. Second, the banking system should allow us to spend oil revenues as we like. These two were our conditions for the talks but they were not met," he said.

Larijani said the Iranian government had basically negotiated the JCPOA with wrong assumptions.

The government talked of a win-win approach towards the talks, while the nuclear dispute between Iran and the West could not be subject to a win-win approach, as the western side held no respect for Iran's rights and was doing its best to trample on Iran's rights, Larijani said.


News Code: 26696
Published Date: Saturday 29 December 2018 - 16:49:43
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