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Published Date: Sunday 21 October 2018 - 16:31:54

Previous special rapporteurs, Zionist West’s speakers: Mohammad Javad Larijani

Previous special rapporteurs, Zionist West’s speakers: Mohammad Javad Larijani
IRAN  - “Javid Rahman who has been recently appointed as the special rapporteur for the situation of human rights in Iran acts as a loud speaker for the Zionist West which is trying to dictate what it wants to us. He speaks and others applaud him and this fake cycle continues. Ironically, he considers himself a jurisconsult and claims that he is an expert in jurisprudence in London”, Mohammad Javad Larijani, Head of Iran's High Council for Human Rights said.

In a human rights meeting with students and academics at the University of Judicial Sciences in Tehran on Monday, Larijani elaborated on human rights in international instruments and Islamic thoughts.

Javid Rahman has prepared us a so-called academic report, as claimed by himself, and has set us an eight-day deadline to answer to it. Eight days later, we did answer to each line of it and found some errors in it as well, he said.

Our special rapporteur says: "I am aware of the existing double standards but I have to prepare my report based on the existing enactments. I have been appointed as the special rapporteur legally; therefore, I have a legitimate position from the legal aspect". However, the problem is with those who have appointed him because they have double standards and as someone uses double standards, they cannot approve others. Thus, an important error here is with regard to this unjustifiable appointment. This is a big mistake which could be referred to in our dispute, Larijani added.

The second error, he said, is with regard to politicization which is the main cause of our disputes. For instance, the former special rapporteur "Ahmad Shahid" would go to different TV channels like an actor and would take stances against us. He had an insatiable lust and the only two things that mattered to him were money and women. He was sued due to illegal polygamy in the Maldives. His words always followed statements issued by London or the White House. This was actually preparing documents and profiling against us which is to be denounced, for the UN documents must reveal the truth,

The Head of Iran's High Council for Human Rights also mentioned: "in London, Paris and Berlin, Ahmad Shahid would say: whoever has anything to say against the Islamic Republic could be our guest for a week". As we asked for the reason for what he said, he would say: "I have dangerous documents which are flawless but I cannot reveal them". As we asked him to show us the documents, he would say "I can't". Then, this is called preparing documents on purpose against Iran".

Criticizing the West, the Secretary of High Council for Human Rights said that western countries are not willing to mention in any of their reports that Iran has a democratic government. The reason for their unwillingness is that we do not have a secular system and our democracy is based on the Islamic rationalism and that's why we are put under pressure. Last year, the European Parliament planned to establish an office in the name of "Work Strategy with Iran" so that they would be able to unify secular forces and topple the Islamic system in future. How do human rights instruments allow them to behave like this?

Larijani also said that the UN instruments are parallel with western countries' words and this is totally against human rights-meaning a nation doesn't have the right to build its life based on Islam. It is said that you should have a secular life whether women cover their hair or not. Actually, they are trying to remove our origins and let us have the trivial things. They can't even tolerate women wearing hijab on their heads. You should consider the laws passed with regard to hijab in France, the Netherlands and Switzerland!

"Today, human rights issue is the best excuse to hide the West's terrorist acts. In his report published two weeks ago, Javid Rahman who considers himself as a jurisconsult officially defended MKO members as human rights activists. He also expressed his support for PJAK and those who committed those crimes in Ahwaz. This means any terrorist act against Muslims would be backed and this has turned into a crucial dispute. We state that they are responsible for fighting any kind of terrorism based on several UN enactments. The MKO has killed around 20000 people in Iran and human rights mechanisms are responsible to work against them", he added.

The special rapporteur has asked to meet with Iranian officials. He also claims that he has met with dissident individuals out of the country in order to collect data. We should ask him, are the mentioned officials the only Iranians? Don't other people have human rights? Has he really spoken with MKO members as Iranians? He must be sued for talking to terrorists. There are many civil groups in Iran and he is practically ignoring the people in Iran, Larijani said.

"There are also some errors in the special rapporteur's methodology and we should ask him what method he has applied in his work. There are certain enactments with respect to this framework. In fact, he needs to quarantine the news he receives and make sure about their accuracy. You can Google any subjects now and you will see lots of results which contain a lot of accusations against Iran and other countries. He should explain what methods he has used for analyzing the accusations. For instance, there was a person who had claimed he had been imprisoned in Iran and he had also been hanged from his legs and his vision had also been compromised. Then, as we did a little research, we found that he had neither been imprisoned in Iran nor had he ever been to Iran! This means preparing documents deliberately against Iran", he mentioned.


News Code: 26457
Published Date: Sunday 21 October 2018 - 16:31:54
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