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Published Date: Saturday 20 October 2018 - 15:21:01

Human Rights in Khashoggi's case

Human Rights in Khashoggi's case
IRAN  - Two weeks ago, as Erdogan's visited Saudi Arabia, he received an expensive airplane as a gift from Crown Prince Bin Salman. Few days later, a renowned Saudi journalist who was a very vocal critic of MBS disappeared suspiciously after he walked in the Saudi consulate in Turkey.

Media around the globe approached the case based on their own "presupposed interests."

Is this a real crime and a murder or it's a soft crime committed in coordination with Khashoggi himself?
The answer is not clear yet.

Trump has sent Saudis a billion-dollar bill to solve Khashoggi's crisis. However, some other US officials are taking a more reputable stance.

Khashoggi reportedly had ties with Muslim Brotherhood's; the same applies to Erdogan. On the other hand, Turkish PM doesn't want insecure codes to be sent to the society, for this would turn into an excuse for his election rivals.

In case Khashoggi's death is confirmed, it can be concluded that the killer's motivation (who is probably a member of Hebrew, Arab or western intelligence services) is far beyond silencing a critic or dissident; since the cost of such a murder is much higher than imagined.

What is mostly neglected here is investigating the issue from a human rights' point of view. International human rights bodies have almost remained silent as if Khashoggi wasn't a human being and didn't have the right to live or didn't have a family with emotions. It's like all eyes are gazed at the US to see what stance it is going to take. However, the issue isn't irrelevant to the US even from the aspect of human rights, for Khashoggi was also a US citizen.

The case of Khashoggi indicates that human rights along with all its international structures and bodies have been established in order to guarantee the interests of those who follow international powers especially the US rather than ensuring and respecting human rights in its general meaning.

If a foreign citizen in Tehran had undergone the same situation, or if a critic or dissident of the Islamic Republic of Iran had disappeared as that of Khashoggi in a third country, how would the international media and human rights bodies react?

This is how the double standards of human rights' mechanisms like other mechanisms such as FATF reveal their real nature and their mission.



News Code: 26448
Published Date: Saturday 20 October 2018 - 15:21:01
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