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Published Date: Sunday 5 August 2018 - 12:23:18
Judiciary Chief:

West misuses human rights to suppress human beings

West misuses human rights to suppress human beings
IRAN  - Iran's Judiciary Chief Sadegh Amoli Larijani said the West has no right to impose its baseless definitions of human rights against other nations and should stop using human rights as a tool to suppress people.

Larijani made the remarks at the ceremony for commemoration of Islamic Human Rights & Human Dignity and Awarding the 4th Prize of Islamic Human Rights underway in the Iranian capital of Tehran.

Early into his remarks, he thanked all those who are making an effort to preserve and respect Islamic human rights in different parts of the world.

He stressed that human rights were a basic and fundamental issue for Muslims and especially for the Islamic Revolution; "the reason is that Islam attaches utmost importance to human rights and dignity."

The official note that Quranic verses also assert the same fact; "moreover, Iran's Constitution clearly mentions the need to respect human dignity which show that the Islamic Revolution is mainly founded on this principal element."

Iran's Judiciary Chief later stated that dominant and arrogant countries of the world, who claim to be supporter of human rights, are misusing the concept of human rights to suppress human beings and the put pressure against other nations.

He gave instances of war crimes committed by those by the so-called advocates of human rights including brutal attacks on hospitals, schools and historical buildings.

"Other instances include the US presence in Iraq which destroyed infrastructures of the country with the aim of exploiting their oil resources."

Amoli Larijani stressed that creation of ISIL by Americans could mark the best example for violation of human rights in the modern world.

"Surprisingly, the West keeps accusing Iran of human rights violation," underlined the official explaining that such behavior reveals the real nature of Western human rights.

He later elaborated on three categories by which the Western human rights could be challenged and put to question: "the first category pertains to theoretical issues. The fact is the West cannot imagine real human rights as long as they lack a reasonable foundation for it. Every discussion of human rights requires some ideological base. The Western philosophers cannot agree on a single definition of 'rights'. The reason to their failure is that is that they base human rights on human contracts and agreements which easily lead to other contracts and finally end up in a vicious circle."

He said materialists consider human beings as very complex machines and criticized them by raising the question of how a machine can have rights.

"Therefore, we need a clear image of human being and the Western human rights must be challenged ideologically and metaphysically," he continued.

The second issue referred to by Sadegh Amoli Larijani was the idea of "inherent human dignity" mentioned by the so-called Western supporters of human rights. Iran's Judiciary Chief underscored that the West will never be able to define the concept if inherent human dignity. "Meanwhile, according to Islamic teachings, God has given the real dignity to human beings and shown them the correct path."

"The West has no right to impose its definition of human rights against other countries since people and nations can have their own interpretations of the issue," he added.

Amoli Larijani said the third issue was the method of implementing human rights: "the procedure use by the West is completely problematic as seen in America's separation of children from their parents at the US border with Mexico."

Iran's Judiciary Chief expressed regret that certain Muslim countries were blindly following the West; "as a result, we observe bombardment of Yemenis by the Saudi coalition."

At the end of his remarks, Sadegh Amoli Larijani invited Muslim scholars to gather frequently and share their views to Challenge Western methods of defining and implementing human rights.


News Code: 26181
Published Date: Sunday 5 August 2018 - 12:23:18
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