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Published Date: Sunday 5 August 2018 - 11:17:29
Norwegian activist:

Muslims, non-Muslims share common interest in defending HR

  Muslims, non-Muslims share common interest in defending HR
IRAN  - "Norway is a small country in the northern Scandinavian region and geopolitically far from Islamic Republic of Iran but people from the two countries, Muslims and non-Muslims, have the same common interest in defending human rights," said Dr. Ali Linstad, the head of Islamic center of Oslo.

He was awarded the Islamic Human rights prize in a ceremony for commemoration of Islamic Human Rights & Human Dignity and Awarding the 4th Prize of Islamic Human Rights held in Tehran on Sunday morning.

Quoting the leader of Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on human rights, he said the idea of human rights can be seen in Islamic teachings.

"Quran has said that all humans are created from the same essence, so we are basically of the same origin as Imam Ali (BPUH) has said, we are brothers and sisters either in religion or in humanity"

Dr. Linstad noted the importance of human rights in Islam; saying "Islam teaches us that all humans are the same in dignity and stresses the full rights of freedom and self-determination for every human being."

According to Dr. Linstad The Islamic center of Oslo provide a variety of services to the people, including a day-care for the disabled, a kindergarten for children and a school for immigrant women to learn then Norwegian language.

The center has also built an orphanage for the children in Somalia, providing them food, shelter and clothes as the country struggles with unprecedented famine.

Defending the people of Yemen and Palestine is another goal of the center and protests are held in Oslo to raise the awareness of the Norwegian people about the situation of these two nations.




News Code: 26179
Published Date: Sunday 5 August 2018 - 11:17:29
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