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News code: 26178
Published Date: Sunday 5 August 2018 - 10:39:44
Iran's HR chief:

Islamic HR teachings benefit whole world

Islamic HR teachings benefit whole world
IRAN  - Mohammad Javad Larijani said teachings of Islamic school of thought are not limited to Islamic countries and can prove beneficial to all countries.

The ceremony for commemoration of Islamic Human Rights & Human Dignity and Awarding the 4th Prize of Islamic Human Rights kicked off in Tehran on Sunday morning.

Addressing the opening ceremony which is attended by high-ranking state and military officials as well as ambassadors of several countries, Secretary General of Iran's High Council for Human Rights (HCHR) Mohammad Javad Larijani welcomed participants and voiced pleasure towards continuous holding of the event.

He later pinpointed three important issues underlying Islamic human rights saying "the primary point is that, presently, the Islamic world is under severe attack from a wide range of angles as Muslims all across the globe are being treated by extreme discrimination and enemies use all resources to humiliate Islam."

"These attacks are mainly fueled by Zionists," the official underlined.

Larijani went on to emphasize that the second point was imposition of liberal secularism against all nations. He said the only way out of the current situation was to analyze the situation using precise scientific methods.

The third issue, Iran's HR noted, was the need to promote Islamic way of life and methodology since the religion of Islam has taken into account all aspects of human life and has a lot to offer when it gets to human dignity.

The Iranian official, while pointing to UN documents, stated "the fact if these human rights documents are all based on secular views and, regardless of their main objectives or the intentions behind them, they will undoubtedly fail to promote human dignity. Indeed, secular measures can even damage and undermine human dignity."

He stressed that Islamic teachings are not limited to Islamic world or Muslim countries as they can prove beneficial to every single human being living on earth.

At the end of his remarks, Larijani recalled a letter of founder of Islamic Revolution Imam Khomeni to leader of the Soviet Union Gurbachev in which he had invited the Russian side no to follow the path taken by the West and think of following teachings of the Islamic school of thought as the appropriate alternative.

The official also expressed optimism that holding of similar ceremonies and events will fulfill the objective of promoting Islamic teachings as well as human dignity.

News Code: 26178
Published Date: Sunday 5 August 2018 - 10:39:44
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