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Published Date: Wednesday 4 July 2018 - 11:07:10
Iran's HR chief:

American human rights politically loaded

American human rights politically loaded
IRAN  - Secretary of Iran's High Council for Human Rights said the US and the human rights it pursues are both extremely abhorrent and contemptible.

Mohammad Javad Larijani, while referring to fake claims of the United States on human rights and its controversial attitudes towards the issue, said "over the past days, the US government left the United Nations Human Rights Council, which was a promising and pleasant news for a United Nations sub-group because the United States and the human rights it is pursuing are very despicable.

Head of Iran's HCHR explained that such conditions have been irrevocably imposed due to the presence of the United States in the United Nations Human Rights Council, as well as some of the states that are led by that country.

Larijani added that the United States announced that it would withdraw from the council for two reasons; one is the pursuit of the Palestinian issue, about which, of course, the Human Rights Council itself has not yet taken any important measures. "Meanwhile, actions will finally be taken since innocent people and children carrying out ordinary demonstrations in Gaza are being killed."

He added that another reason is for children who are separated from their families on the southern frontiers of the United States on the pretext of a new immigration policy by the Donald Trump government, "according to statistics, by the end of this year, about 30,000 children will have been separated from their parents and their fate has remained unclear up to this moment."

He also noted that it was unlikely for the US judiciary to pursue the case of the four-year-old girl who was raped by the border police according to the US media.

He went on to say that there was a more significant reason for the United States to leave the United Nations Human Rights Council, saying that Americans were opposed to joining the Council from the outset, because they had expressed their dissatisfaction with the mechanism known as UPR mechanism, which had been passed rigorously by Iran's efforts and according to which the human rights record of all countries should be reviewed biannually without exception.

Mohammad Javad Larijani argued that America was reluctant about its membership because it did not want such an oversight, but in the Obama era, the US was forced to become a member of the mechanism. "Following the first meeting that took place, the human rights record of the Americans was discussed by the countries in the world which proved costly for Americans because they believe that the human rights index is an American one and that other states should regulate themselves according to it," he continued.

The US Congress later flooded the United States government on the grounds that American principles of human rights should not be violated, he said.

The Iranian official stressed that the United States had to deliver its report in accordance with the UPR in the near future adding "therefore the White House preferred not to be a member of the Council because of the need for offering a report and in view of their innumerable human rights abuses."

He stated that the human rights of Americans are characterized by three chronic diseases one beig that the American human rights have double standards, that is, murder, if committed by the Zionist regime, the Saudis or the American soldiers, it is no problem, but it is a bad thing if a terrorist is executed in Iran.

Larijani said the second issue concerns the fact that American human rights are politically loaded, for instance if they want to pressure a country like Iran, China, Russia or Cuba, they will chant human rights slogans against them and, in other words, exploit human rights.

"The third disease afflicting American human rights record is to use the pretext of human rights defenders to cover terrorist acts," underlined Larijani reiterating that "Americans once identified ISIL as liberal warriors and human rights defenders, and now they are introducing hypocrites, who are responsible for martyrdom of the 20,000 Iranians, also as human rights defenders."


News Code: 25972
Published Date: Wednesday 4 July 2018 - 11:07:10
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