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News code: 25943
Published Date: Monday 2 July 2018 - 10:19:44
Security official:

Iran NW borders safe

Iran NW borders safe
IRAN  - Iran's Deputy Interior Minister for Security Affairs Hossein Zolfaghari hailed security conditions at common borders with Azerbaijan, and said 'we have no border insecurity'.

Sometimes there are illegal commutes which may cause conflicts, he said, adding that both sides are supposed to review smuggling issue.

Elaborating on Arbaeen joint MoU between Iran and Iraq, saying we are waiting for finalizing it by Iraqi side.

The MoU should be signed by interior minister and the Iraqi government should agree, Zolfaghari said.

Commenting on sole movements at eastern borders, he said Iranian forces have foiled most of them.

We have held talks with our counterparts in eastern neighbors with this regard, he added.

Iran and Afghanistan maintained cooperation in fighting Daesh and terrorism inside Afghanistan.

If Afghanistan demands, Iran is ready to establish cooperation in the framework of agreements and regulations, he reiterated.

News Code: 25943
Published Date: Monday 2 July 2018 - 10:19:44
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