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News code: 25583
Published Date: Wednesday 16 May 2018 - 09:54:17

HCHR reacts to brutal massacre of Gazans on Nakba Day

HCHR reacts to brutal massacre of Gazans on Nakba Day
IRAN  - Iran's High Council for Human Rights (HCHR) has released a statement in response to Gaza killings by Israeli forces on Nakba Day which marked anniversary of the establishment of the illegitimate Zionist regime of Israel.

The full text of the HCHR's statement released on Tuesday is as follows:

On the anniversary of occupation of Palestinian territories, known as Nakba Day, by the Zionist regime and the aide of those who claim to be supporters of democracy and human rights, Palestine, the Gaza Strip in particular, turned into the scene of brutality of the Zionist troops who massacred Palestinians who, for many years, have been yearning for a life in peace and tranquility in their own lands.

The brutal killing of 61 Palestinian civilians, including martyrdom of an eight-month-old infant and several other children, besides wounding of more than 2,700 Gazans, touches the heart of every human being. Undoubtedly, the blame for the bitter incident must be primarily put on the United States government, which opened its embassy in Quds Al-Sharif and gave the green light to its predecessor regime for massacre of innocent and oppressed women and children.

Other defendants in the savage crime are the western governments and some authoritarian regional regimes who, with their treacherous silence and compassion, have added to the cruelty and audacity of main perpetrators.

While condemning this brutal crime and proclaiming solidarity with the oppressed people of Palestinian, the High Council for Human Rights of the Islamic Republic of Iran calls on regional and international organizations to take urgent and responsible action to increase the pressure on the usurper Zionist regime to stop suppression and killing of the Palestinian people as well as to file lawsuit in relevant courts against the Zionist regime's leaders as war criminals.

HCHR also expects all Muslim nations and all freedom-loving people in the world to hold protest rallies to condemn massacre of Palestinians by the Zionists on Nakba Day and slam the US Embassy move to Jerusalem which is contrary to international law.


News Code: 25583
Published Date: Wednesday 16 May 2018 - 09:54:17
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