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News code: 25374
Published Date: Tuesday 24 April 2018 - 16:32:18

"Iran supports the oppressed people in the word," Larijani

IRAN  -  Head of Iran's High Council for Human Rights (HCHR) Mohammad Javad Larijani stressed Iran's support of the oppressed in the world, saying that Islamic Republic will never tolerate any oppression and will proudly defend the oppressed.

Speaking to the journalist on the sideline of a meeting on Tuesday, he added: "Children are violently killed, families are torn apart, millions are suffering from food blockade and human rights are widely violated; however, those who talk about protecting human rights are violating it, themselves."

"Yemen is one of the countries where human rights are publicly violated; people are targeted while celebrating a wedding, they have been denied of food and medical supplies. This is a crime against humanity and not only Saudis are responsible for this catastrophe, but also those who support Saudi military and non-military."

At least 20 people including the bride were killed when an air strike by the Saudi-led coalition hit a wedding party in northern Yemen on Monday. The dead were mostly women and children gathered in a tent set up for the wedding according to the media reports.

Yemen enters another gruelling year of hunger, disease and war, with more than 20 million of its people now in need of humanitarian aid while western countries, led by the U.S. and the UK, have supplied the Saudi-led coalition with huge amounts of advanced military equipment.

"We declare that UK, U.S., France and Germany and any other countries, that support Saudis, should be sued and questioned for the crimes against Yemeni people," Larijani added.

Saying that "human rights should be cleared of hypocrisy and double standards," Laijani criticized international body for their failure in observing justice and preventing aggression.

"The United Nation is weaker than ever, this organization does not belong to U.S. and Europe and we fight to decrease their dominance," he added.

News Code: 25374
Published Date: Tuesday 24 April 2018 - 16:32:18
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