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Published Date: Saturday 10 March 2018 - 12:07:51
HCHR head:

Iran marks largest democracy in West Asia

Iran marks largest democracy in West Asia
IRAN  - Head of Iran’s High Council for Human Rights (HCHR) Mohammad Javad Larijani said the United Nations adopts dual standards towards human rights issues I a bid to provide cover for support of terrorists and terrorist acts.

Mohammad Javad Larijani, Secretary of the High Council for Human Rights of the Islamic Republic of Iran, who is leading a high-ranking delegation to Geneva to take part at the 37th annual session of the United Nations Human Rights Council, briefed journalists and reporters on agenda of the visit prior to his departure at the International Imam Khomeini Airport (IKA) on Saturday morning.

"The United States and some of its European partners have taken up the very aggressive and overwhelming practice of ignoring fundamental rights of millions of people in the world," he underlined.

He stated that the Islamic Republic of Iran was highly sensitive to these incidents and behaviors saying "one of our most important tasks is to reveal the real nature of these aggressive behaviors which are often carried out using humanitarian claims as a disguise."

"So far, thousands of people have been martyred in Yemen, hundreds of children are being slaughtered every day and millions of people are on the brink of dangerous hunger, but perpetrators of these horrific crimes against Yemeni people are widely supported while defenders of Yemeni people are deemed as human rights violators.

Mohammad Javad Larijani, highlighting that war crime needs to fully removed from the global scene, added "the same case holds true also in Syria, Iraq, Bahrain and elsewhere, so one of the main activities of the Islamic Republic of Iran is to touch upon these events from a rightful point of view."

"Today, the voice of rightfulness is scarce, and governments and the media are caught up in extremely dangerous structures, and the virtual spaces are presenting fake information as a vast cover for the truth," he emphasized.

The official went on to reiterate that "the Islamic Republic remains a very successful example in the last century since it marks the foundation of a fully-structured and strong democracy based on Islamic rationality, and the honorable nation of Iran has enjoyed this revolutionary experience over the past forty years."

"Today the Islamic Republic is major democracy in West Asia which is a huge success that has worried arrogant governments of the world claimed that only secular liberalism could make a strong civilization in the world," noted the official.

Larijani, saying that the attacks on Iran are very scandalous ones, said "we respond to each and every one of these attacks strongly and with sensitivity, reasoning and patience, and of course tirelessly.

"On the other hand, the issue of human rights is an issue that affects all people, and it cannot be restricted to the US and Europe," he added. In our opinion, America and Europe do not possess the competency to speak about the crimes they commit, and so we must have an active presence in the conceptual and structural reconstruction of human rights.

He expressed regret that the documents of the first generation of human rights were formed in the absence of Islamic thought adding "the documents of the second generation were also formed by the Western countries and their own international mechanisms though absence of Islamic though in development of the third-generation documents is totally unacceptable."

Head of High Council for Human rights recalled that one major obstacle to advancing human rights is the dual standard approach adopted by the United Nations who rather than pursuit of human rights seek to provide support for terrorists. "Sadly, they assume that by introducing terrorists as human rights defenders the issue will be solved, which is not the case."

"Important reforms must be made in human rights structures and in its basic concepts, and the Islamic Republic of Iran is a very active country in the field of human rights," he continued.

At the end of his remarks, Mohammad Javad Larijani asserted that Iran hired various strategies in different fields; "for instance, the UPR mechanism proposed by the Islamic Republic of Iran is a very sensible mechanism that holds all countries accountable and indicates a major success achieved by Iran in extensive cooperation with other states."


News Code: 24924
Published Date: Saturday 10 March 2018 - 12:07:51
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