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Published Date: Monday 12 February 2018 - 14:17:17

Charter on Citizens’ Rights ensures Iran’s sustainable development

Charter on Citizens’ Rights ensures Iran’s sustainable development
IRAN  - Iranian President's Special Assistant for Citizenship Rights Shahindokht Molaverdi said all the government bodies were obliged to submit a report on their executive, administrative, and educational measures according to the ‘Charter on Citizens’ Rights’.

Addressing a briefing on Human Rights Achievements in the Islamic Republic of Iran on Monday morning in the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Molaverdi said the Iranian government has exercised strong will and determination to realize a major plan pursued by President Rouhani in establishment and implementation of the Charter on Citizens' Rights which was introduced late autumn last year.

"The government is considering practical steps in implementation of the Charter and therefore calls for cooperation of all relevant bodies and agencies," highlighted the official asserting "all the government bodies are therefore obliged to submit a report on their executive, administrative, and educational measures as regards the Charter."

President's special assistant for citizenship rights later presented a report on achievements and plans in the citizen's rights sector saying "the Charter on Citizens' Rights was introduced over a year ago and is essentially based on human dignity, protection of undeniable rights and freedoms, sovereignty of people, enjoyment of all people of equal human rights as well as prohibition of discrimination."

As such, the incumbent government, with strong determination, accountability and political will, has spared no effort in putting into operation one of the most significant goals pursued by the President, stressed Molaverdi reiterating that introduction of the Charter has been the first step in realizing fundamental rights and freedoms of all Iranian people.

The official later recounted on details of the Charter on Citizens' Rights and enumerated a number of its qualities and provisions adding "one major program pertains to case tracking of violations of citizenship rights which is high on the agenda."

Shahindokht Molaverdi later listed a number of initiatives and achievements realized in recent months including implementation of the President's order on transparency in declaring the amount of funding and allocation of budget for institutions and executive agencies, drafting Charter of Students' Rights and Faculty Members, implementation of publication law and free access to information, designing a virtual education system for government directors and employees in the field of citizenship rights, enhancement of the social emergency by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare to guarantee citizenship rights and to address problems faced by women, children and injured elderly as well as development of women's safe houses in all provinces in order to secure women's citizenship rights.

She emphasized that the first step in implementation of the Charter was undoubtedly to identify barriers and challenges ahead including governmental, cultural, historical as well as global ones; "challenges can be 'indigenous' and related to each particular society or they be 'global' concern all societies regardless of differences among them."

At the end of her remarks, the President's assistance for citizenship rights underlined that despite exiting challenges, irreplaceable opportunities and resources available in the country must not be ignores. "These advantages include rightful demand and awareness of the nation, the President's serious will to enforce the Constitution and to respect the rights of the nation, extensive theoretical work of the academic and seminary circles, practical experiences and initiatives that have been taken in the Islamic Republic of Iran over the past four decades to create the infrastructure for promoting people's rights in different fields, existence of expert, experienced and knowledgeable human resources in various areas of citizenship rights, provisions of the Sixth Development Plan Act which will be the basis for the development of the country in the next five years, hopeful attitude of women and ethnic and religious minorities to the decisive decisions of the incumbent government to meet their legitimate demands, the government's approach to sustaining the country's comprehensive development and logical engagement with the world as well as coordination of city and town authorities with the government."

"The Charter of Citizens'' Rights is a reminder of rights of the Iranian people envisaged in the Constitution and, at the same time, demands of the people over the past 100 years and the responsibility of the governing bodies in the area," stressed Molaverdi concluding that the Charter remained as a prerequisite that can contribute to sustainable and comprehensive development of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

News Code: 24687
Published Date: Monday 12 February 2018 - 14:17:17
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