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News code: 24421
Published Date: Tuesday 9 January 2018 - 12:57:24

Government needs to correct its economic strategies, HR Chief

Government needs to correct its economic strategies, HR Chief
IRAN  - Mohammad Javad Larijani, Head of Iran's High Council for Human Rights, urged government to consider correcting its economic strategies, stressing that "old nineteenth-century economic approaches are outdated and should be left aside."

Larijani made the remarks in an interview, after a protest to the economic problems by small groups of people turned violent by foreigner's meddling which led the government to ban some applications; as well as people to demonstrate in order to show their support for the Islamic Establishment over recent days.

Comparing the recent riots and the 2009 unrest following the presidential election, Larijani noted that the supporters of 2009 riots also expressed their support for the recent unrest, pretending to be concerned about people's rights.

"Some believe that recent protests are mostly union protests; however, in my opinion, this is wrong. Although there have been several gatherings in front of governmental bodies during the past few months, in each case there was a representative from the parliament or the relevant governmental body, who appeared among people and spoke with them about their problems."

Referring to the Trump approach to put "Iran on Notice"; he said the strategy dates back to the time before the Trump administration, calling it a good lesson for the government.

Larijani also stressed that the role of the social media in the recent riots shouldn't be ignored easily, saying "it should be noted that there is much false data on the internet and this virtual world might prevent you from seeing the truth."

"Even in the U.S, the congress passed a law during the Obama administration which entitles the government to restrict the access to the internet when the national security is at risk and they could even disconnect the internet completely. The interesting point is that lack of the internet in the U.S could have fatal results; however, they have been authorized to do so since their national security does matter to them."

The Iranian government was forced to shut down the messaging app Telegram after the application managers refused to block terrorist channels which provide instructions to hurt people and turn any gathering violent.

Asked what should be done in order to let ordinary people's voices be heard, Laijani answered: "in liberal democracy, street protests are the most useless method of protesting since governments take them for granted and do their own job."

"For instance, in Europe and the U.S, this method of protest even leads to a number of casualties, but the governments keep doing their job. In fact, this is kind of a political fraud which is done in the name of protests."

He added: "The public concerns especially those related to vulnerable people's lives should be taken into consideration. This has been emphasized by Islam and also by the Supreme Leader. There have to be some sensors in the society which could realize the dissatisfactions and transfer them to the government."

"These sensors include parties which are unfortunately inactive in Iran and they should be activated. Except reactionary parties which seek a secular government, if necessary, new parties should be established so that they would help the Islamic and revolutionary experience of the Iranian nation flourish."


News Code: 24421
Published Date: Tuesday 9 January 2018 - 12:57:24
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