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Published Date: Saturday 2 December 2017 - 13:39:33

Human Rights must entail cultural diversity

Human Rights must entail cultural diversity
IRAN  - Laaya Joneidi, Iranian Vice-President for Legal Affairs, said cultural diversity needs to be taken into account while dealing with human rights issues.

Laaya Joneidi, Iranian Vice-President for Legal Affairs, said cultural diversity needs to be taken into account while dealing with human rights issues.

Joneidi, who had recently travelled to New York to attend a meeting at the United Nations Non-Aligned Movement on Human Rights and Cultural Diversity, said the meeting was held at the request of Iran though it was hosted by Venezuela as the chair of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM).

She added that the meeting also coincided on the tenth anniversary of Tehran Declaration which dealt with a plan of action in the field of human rights and cultural diversity.

"We made efforts to introduce human rights implications identified in our legal system as well as the balance shaped between human rights and cultural diversity present in our country," the VP noted.

The official reminded that all followers of Islamic religions in Iran can have their own programs based on their religious rules. "A similar situation holds true for followers of other religions whose personal status can be in accordance with their own rules."

Referring to Article 14 of the Iranian Constitution, she stated that the government and Muslim people of Iran have a legal obligation to treat non-Muslims in accordance with fairness, Islamic justice, and with respect for human rights. The article therefore marks acceptance of cultural diversity, which is the main message of the recent meeting and the Tehran Declaration.

Laaya Joneidi emphasized that all participant at the meeting considered Iran's stance as a new message and almost unanimously agreed that no conflict exists between human rights and cultural diversity. "Cultural diversity remain one natural dimension of human beings and human rights issues need to consider culture, personality traits, morals as well as lifestyle," she underscored.

She emphasized that cultural diversity will strengthen humanity and can be part of human rights.

On the sidelines of the NAM meeting in New York, the Iranian vice president for legal affairs also met and talked with Mark Lowcock, the UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator.

"Mr. Lowcock has been to Iran earlier and he voiced his readiness to assist the earthquake-hit people in western areas of the country," noted the official asserting "he also appreciated measures taken by the Iranian government in the emergency phase of the incident."

She said her joint meeting with the UN aid chief had also touched upon the situation of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar. "A solid plan is needed for return of displaced people from Bangladesh, a plan which takes people into consideration, creates real possibilities and guarantees that the return is based on their will and would not pose risks to them.

Jenidi also pointed to humanitarian issues in Yemen and Syria explaining "views were exchanged at the meeting with a focus on steps the UN should take in this area."

The official later touched upon the meeting held on Wednesday to mark the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People saying "the session was serious and massive attendance of countries from Europe and Asia indicated that the Palestine is of high important to the world.

The solidarity meeting with the Palestinian people was serious, and it was clear that Palestine was important to the world in terms of freedom from the countries of Europe, Asia, the Arab world and even the Far East.

Joneidi, who had also met with Foreign Minister of Venezuela, said the meeting discussed how to strengthen the intellectual flow of human rights issues while considering cultural diversity.

"Other axes of talks revolved around issues and concerns surrounding the Middle East and Latin America," stressed Joneidi concluding that the two sides had agreed to join hands in a bid to reduce regional problems.

News Code: 24142
Published Date: Saturday 2 December 2017 - 13:39:33
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