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Published Date: Saturday 4 November 2017 - 11:18:03

New York attack; Why Terrorism cannot be stopped?

New York attack; Why Terrorism cannot be stopped?
IRAN  - Abdolreza Ghofrani, former senior Iranian diplomat

By: Abdolreza Ghofrani, former senior Iranian diplomat and Deputy Permanent Representative to United Nations Economic and Social Committee for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP)


Last Monday, once again a psychic killer, rushing his truck into a passerby in New York Plaza run over and fired on the innocent people that left 8 innocent dead and more than ten wounded. According to NYPD, the killer has been identified as an Uzbek- originated American. Reportedly, the perpetrator has claimed that he is affiliated to ISIS.I have no intention, in this short paper, to discuss if the killer is an ISIS or not. There are, however, some points that deserve to be elaborated.

First, the killer is a citizen of a country not being among the six that the United States charged them with harboring terrorism and do have restrictions for entering America. Uzbekistan is actually one of US friendly countries (if not an ally).Moreover in the course of the past sixteen years and since ever the 11 September, all terrorists and criminals actions either inside and outside of America have taken by the citizens of friendly countries to the US or its allies!!

Second, although these terrorist acts sporadically do happen in other Western nations, the most of them have occurred inside the America and by either the friends or allies of the United Sates. Has not the time come the American statesmen to more deeply focus on this as to why the US has been hit by her friends or allies?

Third, these terrorist acts prove that US security and intelligence agencies have been incapable or weak to find out the reasons and the real culprits of these savaged actions .Or they may be forced not to admit the realities because of political considerations. So at the end of the day they just target mostly the countries that are in forefront of fighting the terrorism.

Fourth, these terrorist acts bluntly indicate that Donald Trump Administration have failed in fighting terrorism that originate domestically as well as because of misperceptions and blunder in his foreign policy .

Fifth, it is astounding that since ever last January that Donald Trump has taken office, instead of deeply and realistically addressing the terrorism dilemma, he has just bullying countries that have not been involved and responsible for terrorist acts , and imposed restrictions and sanctions on them .In practical term it is quite obvious that this approach has been vain. Obviously, unless US administration takes another and a realistic approach based on facts the recurrence of these deadly events are unavoidable and eventually the world as well as America is not a safe place to live.

News Code: 23986
Published Date: Saturday 4 November 2017 - 11:18:03
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