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Published Date: Tuesday 10 October 2017 - 11:55:49

Massacre in Las Vegas, Where does terrorism take Roots?

Massacre in Las Vegas, Where does terrorism take Roots?
World  - By: Abdolreza Ghofrani

The world did see the most savaged and deadly display of violence, or in better words terror, in Las Vegas, United States last week. This crime is not either unprecedented or infrequent in the United States and absolutely will not be the last. If this inhuman massacre and crimes, taking the lives of tens of innocent people and leaving hundreds of wounded, committed by a non –American and the security folks were incapable of finding the factual reasons or motivations of it, they hastily did try to hold international terrorism responsible! Or they charged a certain or a group of countries as terrorism-sponsored. However, now like many other cases, this abhorred crime has been committed by an American, and US security officials are not talking of international terrorism. They call the merciless killer a psychic. Since they are not able to find the real motivation of this mass killing, they desperately ask the people to help them seeking and find the reasons that has driven the murderer to commit this slaughter.
This approach of US is so pointless and obsolete that the intelligents and well known writers and analysts of the country have voiced their objections and protests. Among them is three time winner of prestigious Pulitzer literature award, the famed journalist Thomas Loraine Freedman.Mr. Freedman has somberly discussed the motives of Las Vegas murders the same way that this author has mentioned above (see New York Times dated 10 October 2017).
It is very important to make this point that American officials, amazingly, do not take these crimes as "terrorism". It is, however, quite obvious for any humble person that violence and terror are the two sides of the same coin. In other words any action that generates public horror, danger and intimidations falls within the definition of "terror". More important is the potential circumstances that may be provided for terror and intimidation. What happened in bloody Las Vegas event last week and in many other cases in the United States over the past decades prove that unfortunately the circumstances in American society is quite ripe for such nasty episodes. The freedom of purchasing and possessing arms in the United States has deteriorated the terror and fearful situation. In the case of Las Vegas, the murderer had purchased and piled up tens of firearms in order to take the lives of many innocents and create horror in the American Society. Unfortunately this can be spread over to other societies of the world. Because, given the extended relations among different cultures and societies, the exchange of life style and socials values among the different countries is pretty unavoidable. Now the American "terror life style" undoubtedly endangers the international security.

Moreover, extravagant US administration (particularly the present one) deadly arm sales to other countries in one hand and inflame the disputes between them on the other and eventually waging wars cannot but help to increase international tensions, horrors and insecurity. Ironically, these administrations have always claimed that all this serve the US security (of course America first!!!) as well as international peace. Certainly, violence and terror will have dreadful consequences not only in the United States, but step up tensions all over the world. Actually there is a mutual interaction between the two. There are many instances among them exploding a building in Oklahoma City in 1995 by an army explosive device expert Timothy McVeigh, leaving 160 innocents dead. Another unforgettable massacre of nearly 400 Vietnamese civilians did happen during the Vietnam War in 1968 under the command of a lunatic US Army lieutenant William Calley.He committed this detested and inhumane genocide for baseless reasons, arguing that those Vietnamese had supported Vietcong or harbored them.Calley had grown up in an environment that definitely violence prevailed. Can't these savage actions be called anything but terrorism? This is a kind of terror, but more sophisticated and modern, produced in US society and exported.
American people know well that violence begets violence and terror begets terror either inside or outside the country. Definitely the psychology and mental problems caused by the advanced life style should not be underestimated in a society too.

By and large, it is the American people problem and also it is for them to find solution to that. So they need to elect the administrations that will not intensify a tumultuous society. It is also for them to ask themselves that should not they seek for the roots of violence and terror in their society and the policies and approaches taken by US governments? Has not the time come that they merely do not account for the so called international terrorism for violence and terror?

News Code: 23945
Published Date: Tuesday 10 October 2017 - 11:55:49
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