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Published Date: Tuesday 19 September 2017 - 12:02:19

Why Americans are so detested in the World?

Why Americans are so detested in the World?
World  - By: Abdolreza Ghofrani

18 September 2017
In her prized book "Politics Psychology in International Relations", Dr. Rose McDermott, professor of political science of the prestigious Brown University, Rhode Island, in the preface of the book has asked:….how could people hate America and Americans so much when we mostly believe that are decent and fair people who are concerned with the individual and human rights of others?...." She eloquently argued the issue psychologically and in a rational and academic method. In this short paper there is no intention to debate with this well respected author and a political academician.
However the hatred Ms. McDermott has discussed in her book is not a new topic .More than four decades ago, working in national Iranian airlines and before joining the diplomatic service in my country, this author knew a colored American simple technician in the carrier who always and severely was critical of his government unrealistic and irrational policies, accounting them for all political and international problems. Then the bloody and ruthless Vietnam War was at its pinnacle in South East Asia.
Two decades later, a so called human relations department was established in US State Department, assigned researching the reasons for hatred of the world people to America. The department duty, to the best knowledge of this author, was to deeply study the problem from all perspectives and put forward the ways and means to resolve it. Tens of million dollars spent for this project. It is not quite known what the effects were of this assignment. It is not evident if this department is still active or what?
It sounds; however, in the course of last four decades that international conditionsthanks to great communication advances or if you like ,information explosion, have drastically changed, the answer to the question raised by Dr. Mc Dermott should not be so difficult.
There is no doubt that American people are good, but too naïve and easily impressed. This was proved in last year presidential elections and the whole world witnessed it.They were simply tempted by controversial and provocative promises given by Donald Trump. Now, the consequences of their decision are oneby one are coming up. So it seems that it is their own mistakes electing people who damage their country without serving their best national interests.
It is pretty regrettable that the overstretchedUS State Department over the past couple of decades has had only two priorities in diplomacy: threating others with intimidation and military aggressions and another means it has used or proposed is merely imposing sanctions on other countries in all kinds for implausible reasons. It is natural that these two options have merely accountedfor  deep crisis ,destruction, massacre, bloody wars, displacing and refuging millions of people all over the world. More amazingly, these policies despite adverse and devastation for the whole world and the naïve Americans themselves have been ,time and again, pursued by the US administrations for decades. Undoubtedly as long as these policies  are wielded by US, no other different consequences should be expected. By and large the answers to questions asked by the author of the above mentioned book and concerned human relations section in US State Department should be sought within the America and US administration not abroad and not expected from others.
There is an old and well known axiom saying: "those who forget the history are required (or if you like having no other option) but its recurrence. So it is daring to say that this is for American people and their administration to accept and actually exercise this fact.

News Code: 23922
Published Date: Tuesday 19 September 2017 - 12:02:19
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