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Published Date: Wednesday 19 July 2017 - 10:35:04

Anti-Iran sanctions violation of human rights

Anti-Iran sanctions violation of human rights
IRAN  - TEHRAN, July 19 – Secretary of Iran’s High Council for Human Rights says sanctions imposed against Iran violate human rights.

Mohammad Javad Larijani who was reacting to Washington’s lack of commitment to the nuclear deal and recent fresh sanctions imposed against Iran asserted that “ratification and imposition of any sanctions against Iran is essentially a violation of human rights, Iranian nation’s rights and against international laws.”

In response to a question about what the council has done in regard to anti-human rights behaviors and policies of the US, Larijani responded that US crimes against the oppressed people across the world and those who have directly fallen victim to US crimes have been documented and are being voices in international tribunes.

He also highlighted Iran’s support for people in Yemen, Syria, Iraq and mainly Palestine as principal policy of Iran which is the main voice supporting Palestinian cause in the world.

Dr. Larijani pointed to the role Iran has played in contribution to UNHRC’s UPR (Universal Periodic Review) mechanism through which the United States was asked like other countries to provide his record of human rights status to be reviewed. “This was seen so difficult by American officials that the Congress demanded the administration to quit from UN Human Rights Council; their human rights record and performance would be available in UNHRC anyway.”

In regard to Trump’s order banning Iranians from travelling to the United States, Iran’s human rights chief expressed that “Trump’s order was a stupid measure as those who fund terrorism and even have caused damages and casualties in the US and Europe have never been from Iran, but come from among very friends of the US and Saudi Arabia with whom they did sword dance; so if the ban was truly aimed at targeting terrorists, it should have banned those people.”

Reaffirming that Iranians have never been involved in terrorist attacks, he maintained that beliefs and thoughts of Iranians opposed such killings and crimes which shows how ‘foolish’ Trump’s decision has been, and that Iran’s reaction should not be a similar retaliation. “There are many free-thinkers in Europe and the US who are against Trump and are interested in visiting Iran; so we naturally allow them to travel to Iran. In general, our fight against terrorism must be a serious and real fight, which is our accurate response to the ban.”

Larijani deemed US support for and fostering of terrorist movements against Iran a dangerous path Washington was taking which showed the US was the biggest sponsor of international terrorism.

Touching upon the Iran’s nuclear deal which has recently witnessed its second anniversary, Javad Larijani criticized the American and European sides for lack of commitment to the JCPOA. “European say that their companies would be sanctioned by US if they cooperate with Iran which is against the JCPOA; they must be told that you should have considered it when you were signing the agreement. If every party wants to consider merely its own interest in its commitment to the deal, everything would go in vain,” he said and asserted that “I believe the Europeans lack commitment to the nuclear deal as much as the US does which is unacceptable.”

News Code: 23876
Published Date: Wednesday 19 July 2017 - 10:35:04
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