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Published Date: Tuesday 27 December 2016 - 16:19:19

Netanyahu snubs May over UN vote: Report

Netanyahu snubs May over UN vote: Report
World  - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has reportedly called off a meeting with his British counterpart Theresa May after the UK’s vote in favor of a recent UN measure against the illegal Israeli settlements.

May and Netanyahu were slated to meet on the sidelines of the annual World Economic Forum summit in the Swiss city of Davos, between January 17 and 20.

However, Israeli media reported Monday that Bibi lost interest in the meeting after Britain’s refusal to veto the anti-Israeli resolution at the UN Security Council on Friday.

The UK was among the 14 countries that voted unanimously in favor of Resolution 2334, which calls on the Tel Aviv regime to put an immediate end to its illegal settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territories including East Jerusalem al-Quds.

Outraged by the move, Netanyahu summoned the representatives of most of the countries backing the measure and reduced diplomatic ties with 12 of them on Monday.

According to CNN, Israel has suspended working ties with Britain, France, Russia, China, Japan, Ukraine, Angola, Egypt, Uruguay, Spain, Senegal and New Zealand.

Tony Kay, the UK’s deputy ambassador to Israel, was among the summoned envoys who were reprimanded by the Israeli regime.

Kay was filling in for the UK head of mission David Quarrey, who was back in Britain to celebrate the New Year.

The diplomat said during a radio interview on Monday that Netanyahu’s snub was a “disappointment.”

He confirmed that arrangements were in place for a “conversation” and Tel Aviv had yet to officially scrap the plan.

Netanyahu’s office took a more cautious line, saying there was nothing to cancel since no meeting was set at all.

Before turning to the UK, Israel took issue with the US for not blocking the act.

When the resolution came up to vote on Friday, Washington decided to abstain and let it pass in a 14-0 decision.

Netanyahu also gave US Ambassador Daniel Shapiro an earful after the vote. Netanyahu says he believes President Barack Obama and his Secretary of State John Kerry were behind the “shameful” act.

News Code: 23642
Published Date: Tuesday 27 December 2016 - 16:19:19
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