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Published Date: Tuesday 18 October 2016 - 16:15:14

Mosul operation, token of Iraq’s political maturity

Mosul operation, token of Iraq’s political maturity
World  - The determination of the Iraqi government in launching a military offensive against the city of Mosul is just a token of its broader will to counter terrorism within its territories in a wider scale.

  he fact that all political, military and public forces joined by religious ulema and even government organizations are supporting the operation proves this point.

This makes Mosul offensive a departure point in the political, security and strategic developments in Iraq the outcomes and impacts of which will affect the whole region. These can be outlines as follows:

-the most important point about the operation is the participation of popular and military forces of Iraq joined by different groups which in itself conveys the message to the world that today Iraq enjoys solidarity and national sovereignty thanks to its efforts to establish security and fight terrorism to protect the country’s territorial integrity.

-the second issue about the operation is the American position towards it during the past few months. The US was eying a multitude of profits out of the offensive. It tried to act as the commander of the operation as an opportunity to introduce itself as the commander of anti-terrorism operations. Washington wanted to take the lead from Iraqi government and make itself the axis of the operation. Also, the US disfavored participation of popular forces in the Mosul operation. Now, it has failed to achieve both of its targets.

-third, by launching the Mosul offensive, Iraqi government and army proved that it was capable of protecting its national security and national sovereignty all by its own by getting benefit from the assistance and advice provided by regional countries like Iran.

This will send a strong message to advocates of the West’s military presence in the region, Iraq in particular, and rob them from excuses and reasons to seek military assistance from the US and its allies.

-and fourth, one major achievement of the operation will be that upon its successful completion, all those elements that supported fight against terrorism in rhetoric but encouraged it in practice over the past two and a half years will experience defeat against the forces that have mobilized efforts to overcome or push back terrorist groups.

In short, the Mosul operation will inflict a major blow to terrorists all across the region and give boost to hopes for their ultimate defeat.

The fear remains though that the countries which sponsor terrorism as the US does will create yet another threat to regional security by relocating some of the terrorist ringleaders to such countries as Afghanistan, Libya and Yemen in a bid to prolong instability and insecurity in the region especially in Iraq and Syria.

Author: Hassan Kazemi Qomi, former Iranian ambassador to Iraq

Tags:: Iraq - ISIL - ISIS - Daesh
News Code: 23442
Published Date: Tuesday 18 October 2016 - 16:15:14
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