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Published Date: Sunday 18 September 2016 - 11:12:31

Iran, Italy judicial systems have many similarities

Iran, Italy judicial systems have many similarities
IRAN  - Secretary of Human Rights Commission Javad Larijani said on Saturday that the Iranian and Italian judicial systems bear many resemblances despite differences in certain areas.

He made the remarks at the end of the third round of dialogues on human rights between Iran and Italy.

Discussions between the two sides demonstrated that in spite of differences in certain fields, there many vast similarities in legal procedures pertaining to women- and children-related offenses and other areas.

Larijani said that since human rights documents have been written on the basis of secular liberal thoughts, it means that all the countries are forced to accept them whether they like it or not.

'We believe that respecting secular liberal doctrine, there is another experience named civil system based on Islamic rationality which is prevailing over the Islamic Republic of Iran,' he said.

The democratic system which is both modern and efficient is founded on Islamic rationality, he said.

Addressing the people at program, he said that during the dialogues in the past days, you saw Iran's judicial system enjoys a rational structure.

The official further noted that universality should not deter human being from entering non-secular domains.

Cultural diversity means that the nations are entitled to begin other experience, he said, noting that the West may come to conclusion once that the approach has major discrepancies and should be changed.

Pointing to differences in secular West and rational Islam's viewpoints regarding human dignity, Larijani said that human dignity is the cornerstone of all human rights concepts.

Professor Pokar, a noted Italian legal expert, also delivered a lecture on universality during the meeting.

The subject enjoys a clear and simple mystic basis comprising a collection of values and norms which are directly related to safeguarding human dignity including freedom of expression, freedom of traveling and equal access to legal procedure and the like encompassed in UN Charter.

'Accepting world public opinion, we can claim that there are a set of universal values which should be taken as the basis,' he said.

Underlining the significance of different cultures and the need for respecting them, he said that naturally cultural differences cannot reject universal foundations.

Cultural diversity may show up in the mechanism of implementing the ideals but they in no way change their basis, he said.

At the end of the third round of Iran-Italy human right dialogue, both sides agreed that Tehran should host the next round.

Human rights delegation led by Javad Larijani is currently on a visit to Italy on the invitation of the Italian human rights officials.

News Code: 23359
Published Date: Sunday 18 September 2016 - 11:12:31
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