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Published Date: Tuesday 13 May 2014 - 19:04:10

Washington promoting policy of war

Washington promoting policy of war
World  - Press TV has interviewed Democratic Candidate for US Senate Kesha Rogers to talk about Washington’s objectives in its stance regarding the situation in Ukraine and Russia.

Below is a rush transcript of that interview:

 Now, Russia has continuously made calls time and again for dialogue to de-escalate the situation. However, we are seeing sanctions that target more and more Russian officials. Why does the West, in your opinion, seem to not want to resolve the crisis in Ukraine and ignore Moscow's calls for de-escalation?
This is the British Empire. The empire system is bankrupt right now and so the policy is to go for World War III and thermonuclear war, and I’m speaking with the knowledge and authority as a long-term collaborator for over 10 years now with leading economist and political statesmen Lyndon Larouche.

And what you are seeing right now, these are not just direct actions of President Barack Obama. President Obama is a puppet of the British Empire and their whole financial system is coming down, through a system that is called “bail-in.” And this is what I am focused on the United States in particular is the reinstatement of Glass Steagall banking reorganization to shut down the Wall Street bail-in policy and thus put a stop to the insane threat of thermonuclear war and that is what is really happening with the escalation in Ukraine and also the threats against Russia.

 I’d like to pick up the point of thermonuclear war that you are saying. You are not the only one who is predicting that. There are many who are saying that that is the ultimate goal over here. However, what kind of results would such a war have, because this just sounds catastrophic?
 It is very catastrophic, but you are dealing with a Queen and a British Empire, who would rather see the entire world destroyed than to admit defeat of their imperial system. As I said, the whole financial system is bankrupt, the whole transatlantic system. When you look at the direction in terms of the recovery really coming from the Eurasian prospect from China, from Russia, because what they are taking up right now is what the United States represented under the leadership of President [Abraham] Lincoln, President John F. Kennedy, and President Franklin Roosevelt, with long-term science-driver commitment to fusion, commitment to rail and development and that’s what we should be working with these nations on.

 So how much of this do you think could have been avoided, had the Geneva deal between the US, European Union, Russia, and Ukraine been implemented in the first place, also taking into consideration the fact that Russia was not the party as you have also pointed out, that started the crisis in the first place?
 Well, I think that the Geneva courts have been violated by this president and by the Western media and others who are promoting the policy of war over cooperation and development.

And the cooperation development has to come with great projects in which I have been emphasizing on along with economist Lyndon Larouche, where you work together in collaboration with Russia, China, and the United States as the three leading powers in long-term development programs, especially a science-driver program for space development for asteroid defense. These types of things prevent the threat of war. And as I said, this is extinction war that nobody is going to win. So, it is not the approach that we need to be taking.

 I’d like to pick up on the role of NATO here. We are seeing the US and its allies beef up NATO presence in Eastern Europe and it’s basically on Russia’s doorstep. We are also hearing of CIA and FBI officials collaborating with authorities Kiev for their crackdown on Kiev and also, recently we have received a report of private mercenary firms working in Kiev, Academi previously known as the notorious Blackwater. How do you interpret all that?
This is a British policy. This is support of a Nazi policy that has to be stopped now and that NATO, United Nations, and the United States, along with other European forces do not have the right to intrude on or to be in Ukraine and particularly, supporting the Ukrainian opposition leaders. This is Victoria Nuland. Victoria Nuland is well-connected to former Vice President Dick Cheney. She’s married to the former aid of Dick Cheney. So, the policy is a British imperial policy.

It’s a policy in which Dick Cheney was emphasizing of a threat of war that President Obama is continuing to take up and there is no solution having the United States intervening in the process of what’s happening in Ukraine, supporting outright Nazi leadership in Ukraine.

 Mrs. Rogers, before I let you go, you keep on saying that this has to be stopped. How do you see it being stopped? And do you think Russia is tactful enough to be able to see this coming?
 I think they very much see it coming and Russia is doing everything in its power to avoid such a devastating circumstance and I think that the only way that we can start to stop this is one, the United States has to do its job, which I’m working on to impeach this president and fighting with Congress members to take action to do that, and secondly, we need to make sure we in the United States implement the Glass Steagall banking reorganization to shut down the Wall Street bail-in policy and then we can work the needed long-term cooperation between the sovereign nation states. I’m here in Houston, Texas. We had a strong commitment to the space program to collaboration with Russia. With the sanctions against Russia, we are going against that collaboration, especially in the needed scientific endeavors to defend our planet from threats that are affecting everyone and so that’s what we need to focus on, a common aims of mankind and collaboration in great scientific development.


Interview with Kesha Rogers, Democratic Candidate for US Senate

News Code: 21901
Published Date: Tuesday 13 May 2014 - 19:04:10
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