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Published Date: Saturday 15 February 2014 - 16:53:50

‘US after toppling Syria government’

World  -  interviewed former American Intelligence Linguist Scott Rickard from Orlando to discuss the latest state of affairs in Syria.


What follows is a rough transcription of the interview.

Scott Rickard, actually we had our art group design this wall and I would like to point the wall out to you, the pictures that we have over here; you have the spokesman for the so-called divided SNC with his finger up and also have Faisal Miqdad from the Syrian delegation, pretty much showing how these talks went according to the spokesman there of the SNC, deadlock was the word I believe that he used. Why do you think these talks have hit that deadlock?
 It is obvious why these talks have hit deadlock. These talks from the get go have been illegitimate. When you talk about the Syrian National Coalition, this is a group that has been formed by the West, specifically by the West and its allied petro-partners out of Saudi Arabia, out of Qatar and also between the French, the UK and the United States alongside their Jordanian and Israeli partners in military crime in the region and Turkey as well.

These are organizations that have instigated war on Syria for over three years now and beginning in 2011 and following the illegal war on Libya, this has been a massive shipment of arms into the so-called rebels against the Syrian government.

These rebels have been hired from all over the planet. Anybody that is willing to come and fight based upon some religious means or some jihadi means and also obviously mercenary means.

So what you are seeing here is a coalition of bandits that are by no means representing the Syrian people and it was obvious from the beginning that this would not be fruitful and you can see that Assad has been very cooperative, he has given up all of his chemical weapons in over this time and he still is putting up with foreign insurgencies coming from these bandits of nations that are continuing to attack Syria.

Scott Rickard I saw you shaking your head, go on!
 That is complete ridiculousness. I mean this gentleman is saying some really vile things about Russian regimes. Russia has one base outside of their own country and it happens to be in Syria and the Americans have well over 200 bases around the world and are present in over 900 deployments around the world. So this conversation is very illegitimate.

This gentleman is saying more around the lines of, you know, Russia is the problem. The problem here is specifically the United States and Russia gracefully went to these talks regardless of the fact of how illegitimate they were and regardless of the fact of how criminal the United States regime has been throughout this time and so the reason that Russia is doing this, if you like to know, is because they are playing by the rules, they are playing by the rules and being an honorable nation, not a nation that is trying to subvert the United States.

[In response to Stewart Stogel]: I am saying that they are going to these meetings being graceful to the international community. In fact what they should have done and said, would you please bring some people who actually represent the Syrian people? This Syrian National Coalition does not represent the Syrian people, that is what makes it illegitimate...

[In response to Stewart Stogel]: I can tell you right now. Do you remember when these particular protests started and how many people protested back in 2010? Do you know that it was very small amount of the community? Only tens of thousands of people out of a 20 million country. Do you know that when the first shots were fired own in Dara'a, they could have been fired from the Golan Heights or from Jordan, it was only three miles from the border. Do you know that the American ambassador in Syria actually marched the next day with protesters in Damascus?

So this is the kind of regime that the United States has been supporting a false protest and a false rising in the Syrian...

[In response to Stewart Stogel]: And what is the outcome of that? Did you see any positive outcome for the United States? Did you see anybody in the United States that has not been attacking Syria since the 1970's? This has been going on for over 40 years from the United States and it also has been going on for over half a century out of Israel.

[In response to Stewart Stogel]: Look at the human rights history of the United States. Look what has happened in the United States. The Americans have killed over 50 million people in the last century. They have killed over 25 million people in the last half century. You have to take into consideration the kind of the imperialist nation that you are trying to defend here.

Well, you should do your research and look at all the wars that have gone on over the last hundred years.

[In response to Stewart Stogel]: That is absolutely false!

 Go ahead Scott Rickard.
 The fact is that Syria has made a lot of compromises. The Assad government has given up all the chemical weapons. That is a huge compromise.

 The bigger picture is what I would like to get to with you Scott Richard. What do you think? Some are saying that the bigger picture is the role that Israel is playing on Syria, prolonging the war, maximizing the destruction. Why? Because if Syria becomes a failed state then obviously this is going to spread in the Middle East, regarding the sectarianism that has been promoted and of course the Middle East that is in a chaos means that that is good for Israel because if Middle East is not in that state and it is in a healthy state then Israel should be worried.
 Well, that is exactly right. You know, you do not have to look very far, just look at Yemen, just look at Libya, just look at what they have done in Iraq, you know, any time you have a stable government that is, basically, prospering both financially and growing in their economic and political infrastructure, the US has gone after them, especially if they are outside of the US financial control.

I mean what happened in Libya was an incredible crime, what is happening in Syria is an incredible crime and definitely the supposed only democracy in the Middle East. There was an article that came out today where Israeli prisoners are basically denying their wives, the ability to have a divorce because it is one of the democracy's rules and the rabbis are basically referring to give them Kosher foods while they are in prison.

You know, these are the kinds of individuals that have extremist views out of Israel that are causing what I would say extremely poor foreign policy coming out of the United States for over a century when it comes to the Middle Eastern agenda for the French, the American and the British triangle of axis of evil that it continues to control not only that region but many other regions around the world.

 Scott Rickard do you have a reaction?
 Well, it is quite simple. The Americans want to control that region. They can control that region by basically overthrowing the current government putting another puppet government like they have done in Libya, like they have done in Yemen, like they have done in Iraq. They continue to do this; they continue to do this like they did... in South America.

This gentleman cannot listen to the truth if he keeps talking over me and I cannot hear a word he is saying because all he is doing is yelling in my ear.

This particular gentleman knows nothing about what the Americans have been doing over the past years and all he is ticked off about, is the fact that John Kerry is not supporting Israel with, basically, a straw sucking out of Israel's particular agendas. The fact is that John Kerry is a dope just like Barack Obama; these guys are complete puppets and they do not do the things they are supposed to be doing for the American people.

The fact is that the American people do not even know what their government is up to, because the government has been controlled by foreign interests for well over a century.

So this gentleman is unfortunately extremely misinformed, believes the rhetoric that he has basically been sucking off the news at media for his entire life and has some friends in the industry that, basically, have really misguided him for quite a long time.

 Scott Rickard your reaction to Stewart Stogel's remarks?
 That is ridiculous. Of course they gain something. They are trying to overthrow a government that they did not have control over. They are trying to overthrow a government that they have been trying to overthrow for over 40 years.

Press TV

News Code: 21569
Published Date: Saturday 15 February 2014 - 16:53:50
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