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Published Date: Tuesday 16 October 2012 - 09:29:14

Iran to defend rights of Canada's aboriginal:Javad Larijani

Iran to defend rights of Canada's aboriginal:Javad Larijani
IRAN  - Iran's Secretary General of High Council for Human Rights has met with Canadian aboriginal leader Terry Nelson, stressing that the Islamic Republic of Iran would defend the rights of aboriginal people in Canada, as part of its plan to support innocent people across the world.

Mohammad Javad Larijani declared that the indigenous people in Canada have been marginalized in the past years rather than being regarded as the country's cultural capital.
"As we defend the rights of people of Bahrain, Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine in the international community, we will also raise the issue of the plight of Canada's aboriginal population and support them," he said.
"Unfortunately, west has been employing media to emphasize on the universality of human rights and its ongoing campaign against human rights abuses across the world, but in fact it is ruining the cultures of other countries. This is while that the universality of human rights is related to providing a proper and equal situation for all countries and cultures to play a role in promoting the fundamentals of human rights and human civilization," said Larijani, who is also a top adviser to the head of Iran's Judiciary.
Stressing that the Canadian minority group should be considered as a cultural wealth for the North American country, Larijani also said, "Otawa has exploited and exterminated the aboriginal communities rather than trying to improve its cultural wealth."
The Secretary General of the council also said that Iran believes that the universality of human rights does not include the demolition of the cultures."We believe that west should not lead minority groups to the margins through unilateralism and egocentricity in order to propagate western living style."
Nelson praised Iran for raising the human rights issues of indigenous people in Canada and exposing Ottawa's exploitation and abuse of aboriginal communities.
The Canadian activist said that aboriginal youths have been kept in poverty and denied their basic human rights, adding that young aboriginals were living in a condition, in which they could not study in universities.
"The United states and Zionist network have sought to deprive our people from the basic rights of human beings. While Canada's aboriginal population are the real owner of the country, they don't make profit from any of Canada's 60 types of minerals and even the massive oil exports to the US," Nelson told Larijani at the meeting.
Nelson also pointed to the issue of Canada's missing and murdered aboriginal women, saying more than 600 aboriginal women and young girls are missing in the North American country amid reports of rape, mutilation, and murder against female aborigines.
Echoing the United Nations' report of Canada's systematic discrimination against aborigines and immigrants, Nelson asked the Iranian government for help in bringing attention to the issue of human rights violations in Canada.
Since Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper took power in 2006, activists say there has been a significant rise in human rights violations together with an unprecedented crackdown on freedom of speech.

News Code: 19783
Published Date: Tuesday 16 October 2012 - 09:29:14
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